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Piss Practice - A Wet Beginning

Post #1

"Piss Practice" will be released in several parts. They don't need to be read in any specific order, but "A Wet Beginning" is about how it all started.
* * *
This is a story about female peeing and masturbation. If that's not your thing, please do not read further.
* * *
It all started because I wanted to learn how to pee standing up. I like to camp and hike, and I hate having to pull down my pants and squat every time. Men have it so easy.
I'm 25, I'm fit, and I have a tidy pussy. I've never had a kid, and my pelvic floor muscles are pretty strong. I figured all that would mean I'd be able to do a standing pee without making too much of a dribbly mess. And if a man can do it, it can't be that hard, right?
I'd peed in the shower before--who hasn't--but otherwise, I didn't have much practice standing. I looked at some tips online. It seemed I was definitely not the only woman out there that was fed up with the inconvenience of being a female when out in the woods.
Yes, I know what a "SheWee" is, and I know it's meant to solve the problem I'm complaining about. Thing is, there's something I find kind of weird about having to pull out a little device in order to take a piss. Wasn't the idea to reduce the inconvenience, not add complication to it? Besides, having to pocket a pee covered funnel afterwards sounded kind of gross.
I knew it would take a little bit of practice to figure it out, but I was willing to put in some work. I read a couple techniques online. I was surprised to find there's even a WikiHow article on it. It made me feel a whole lot less weird about my goal.
The shower was the most obvious first step. I decided that whenever I would take a shower, I'd make sure to pee too. Not, like, a thoughtless dribble inspired by warm water, but an intentional piss.
My first shower piss after making this commitment wasn't all that remarkable. I stood at the end of the tub furthest from the shower head. The warm water was splashing on my toes. I didn't have to pee super bad, but I told myself it was important to try. I took a deep breath and pushed. Nothing happened. I was thinking too much about it. I decided I'd shower and hope the water would inspire me. Or relax me. Whatever worked.
It didn't take long before I felt it coming on. I looked down, feeling fresh warmth between my legs that I knew wasn't from the shower. I stopped peeing quickly. I couldn't just dribble away my practice opportunity. I pushed my muscles, hoping I'd get a better flow. I watched a small spurt of pee shoot out. I tried to keep it going instead of stopping it again. After making a slight adjustment to the way I was pushing, I was able to get my urine in a little arc in front of me. It was kind of yellow and didn't have much strength to it. I realized if I was going to commit to practicing, I'd need to up my water intake.
The next day when I got in my shower, I was more prepared. I'd had plenty of water and the urge to relieve myself was just setting in. I turned the shower on and got in. While I was waiting for the water to warm, I got into the position at the end of the tub as I'd initially attempted the previous day. I bent my knees a little bit, standing about shoulder width apart. One of the tips I'd read said many women need to spread their labia a little to avoid dripping. I don't have excessively big lips, and I didn't want to get pee on my hands if I could help it, so I thought I'd try with no assist first and see what happened. I told myself the shower phase of practice was the best time to experiment without worrying about a mess.
A fuller bladder and a better stance completely changed the results. This time when I started, my piss shot straight at the wall of the shower. The force of it surprised me into stopping. Not wanting to get piss all over the shower wall, I tilted my hips down a little, and then kept going. I didn't bother trying to adjust the strength now that it was shooting into the tub. I hadn't expected to have such a strong flow, but I did have to pee, so I guess it shouldn't have surprised me. I was also interested to see that my pee had shot out straight instead of in an arc. I wasn't sure which would ultimately be easier to control. I'd have to experiment with it.
When I ran the water for my shower the following day, I was actually looking forward to piss practice, as I'd come to think of it. I got in quickly and assumed the same legs-spread-knees-out position I'd tried before. This time I was going to try parting my lips a little with my fingers to see how that affected it. I looked down, feeling a bit weird about my hand being down there during a pee, but I legitimately had to go, so I didn't hesitate much longer.
Once again, my stream came out much stronger than I'd expected. I realized I'd really have to work on controlling my flow once I got my positioning better. I needed to learn how to do something between a major blast and a pathetic dribble. istanbul travesti Having my lips parted actually seemed to worsen the problem I'd had before. It made my piss shoot slightly upwards, splattering the wall again.
I cut off my flow, trying to decide how I would fix my problem. I squatted down a little more and kept my hips tilted down, kind of like I was squatting over a toilet. I kept my lips spread slightly with my fingers. I started pissing again. I'd lost the standing effect that I had when standing up straighter, but at least my pee was all in the tub. I started to stand up slowly, carefully keeping my hips down. I finally managed to work my piss into an angle that was similar to a man peeing in the toilet.
I felt good about my progress so far, even though it wasn't much. I was definitely gathering useful information about my body. I started planning my shower pisses a little better. Always making sure I had a full bladder going into it. Each time, varying my technique a little--sometimes for the better, sometimes less successfully. I quickly learned that, for some reason, my pee tended to shoot upwards, especially if I was too forceful. That was good to know.
I got in the shower, bladder full and looking forward to relieving myself. My technique of the day was to try spreading my inner labia. From what I'd read, that would help reduce dripping, which is something I would need to worry about when I wasn't in the tub. I got in my usual position. As I said, I have a fairly tidy pussy, and my inner lips aren't excessively big. That, combined with the light splash back of the shower made it slippery down there and harder than I expected to achieve my goal. Still, I made a valiant attempt. I don't know if it helped or not because by the time I was done peeing, my fingers had slipped too much and I was really only holding my outer lips.
I thought it was only fair that I attempt the full-spread technique again the next day since I hadn't been successful.
The main problem was the water making everything too slippery. I decided one way around that was to try doing it without the shower running. I'd turn it one when I was done and proceed with my shower. Getting into the tub with no water running made it feel different. There was nothing to disguise my piss with. It would be obvious where it all landed. Maybe that would be helpful though.
I put both hands on my pussy. This time, I used my palms to push my lips apart and used my fingers to spread my inner lips. I was surprised to find my lips were already a kind of slippery and hard to grip. I wondered if I'd leaked a little pee without realizing it. I tipped my hips up and curled forward as far as I could, trying to get a look at my pussy and see if my thighs were wet too. I am pretty flexible and was able to see my vagina, though it wasn't a very comfortable position. I don't know what I'd expected to see when I looked, but it definitely wasn't the clear, viscous strand of cum that was hanging from my hole. Weird, I hadn't thought I was turned on, but hey, being naked sometimes had that effect on me. It definitely explained why it was hard to keep my lips from sliding under my fingers.
Finally, I was able to position my hands in way that I could maintain. I was spread really graphically. I let out a sigh as I started to pee. I alternated between looking at my hand position to make sure it stayed the same and looking at where my piss landed. My stream was heavy, and I didn't want to stop it. Spreading my inner labia did seem to increase the likelihood my pee would shoot upwards, so I kept my hips tipped down a bit. The sound of it hitting the tub was surprisingly loud without the sound of the shower to hide it. I decided to push harder, adjusting myself so that I was blasting the drain with urine. It was a long pee, but eventually, I felt it fading. I gave a couple final pushes, but the power had lessened by that time, and I just ended up pissing on my legs and feet. It made me feel a little embarrassed to piss on myself without the water immediately washing the evidence away. I ran the shower and rinsed myself off quickly.
The next day, I decided to time my shower with my bladder, instead of attempting the other way around. That way I'd make sure I was nice and full. I jumped up from the couch as soon as the pressure had mounted to the point that I was starting to squirm a little. I tore my clothes off as soon as I was in the bathroom.
I had just stepped into the tub when I heard a little dripping noise. I looked down. "Shit," I muttered. There was a little pee running down my thigh, and I could see a few drops had landed on the floor. I'd deal with it after. I decided to let some more out once I was safely in the tub. I had to if I was going to control the urgent blast that I knew wanted to escape. I let a conservative amount leak out, wanting to save as much as I could for practice.
Feeling a little more in control, I got travesti istanbul my vagina spread, despite having to fight the wetness. Thus far, this technique hadn't improved or worsened things, so I figured it was worth experimenting with a little more. I decided I wanted to really push it this time. I knew it wouldn't be conducive to my goal, but I still craved the release. I'd always liked the feeling of taking a really long or powerful pee on a full bladder--the relief was intense. Besides, it seemed it was easier for me to control my flow once I'd started pissing than it was right off the bat. Baby steps.
I let out an almighty blast that made me grunt involuntarily. My stream shot wildly at an upwards angle. I was watering the wall, and I think I almost hit the shower head, but I didn't stop right away. To be honest, I didn't really care about hitting the walls in the shower anymore. It was easy enough to rinse off with the detachable showerhead.
I was peeing really hard, and the pressure on my bladder had let up. Somewhat reluctantly, I cut it off. Now that there was less urgency to relieve myself, I thought I should do some actual practice. I was breathing kind of hard after my aggressive start. I moved my hands away from my pussy and took a few breaths, trying to collect myself. My job was made harder when I tried to spread myself again due to how wet it was down there. I thought it was mostly pee, but there was a slickness to my lips that also felt a little like cum. I fiddled with my privates, trying to get my grip back. Eventually I was able to spread myself in a maintainable position. I looked down to examine my pose. I'd had to spread myself in such a way that ended up pulling my clit hood back, making my clit appear much more prominent than usual. I was half-tempted to touch the juicy, red nub but now was not the right time--I'd just nailed my position and didn't want to move my hands.
I started to piss again, more gently than before. I experimented with pushing some little bursts out harder than others, studying how it affected the stream. I watched my pussy as I tried contracting and pushing. It made my clit jump up and down. I stared at my exposed nub, fascinated by the way it moved when I flexed my muscles. I started pulsing my stream, now completely distracted by watching my clitoris instead of aiming my piss. My whole vagina was starting to throb with every contraction. It felt good--strangely similar to an orgasm. I started to pee rather aggressively again. Now it was a race to finish. Once I was done peeing, I could use my hands for other things.
When I thought my bladder was finally empty, I released my position. I changed my hands slightly. I still kept myself spread a little, using two fingers of one hand to push my lips apart enough to give easy access to my clit. I didn't even bother sitting down, I just started rubbing myself quickly. I barely registered the fact that I was standing in a puddle of piss in my bathtub while I did it.
A minute of eager rubbing and I was orgasming. My channel throbbed and my clit twitched. I tried to stay balanced on shaking legs. I had cum hard and much faster than usual. I felt better though, and proceeded to take the shower I had originally come into the bathroom for. I turned on the hot water and stepped in, feeling the warmth spread through my post-orgasmic body. I felt a familiar tingle from my bladder too, no doubt prompted by the water. Wondering if I had anything left, I let my muscles go and started to urinate. It went on longer than I expected, but there wasn't much force behind it. When I did try to push it, it turned into a wild spritz. I gave up on that and just let myself pee until there was nothing but water from the shower dripping down my legs.
I continued to practice in the shower daily. More often than not, I'd also rub out a quick orgasm when I was done. It was like pissing was a tease to my muscles, making my pussy eager for attention.
I kept doing research too. I read a fair bit about it and wondered if there was a how-to video I could actually watch. I scrolled through the Google video results and clicked on one called Piss Practice for Hiking. That sounded applicable. I was a little surprised to find the link routed me to PornHub--I hadn't been paying attention. I knew there were people into piss play and figured there was probably plenty of porn out there about it. I'd just never stumbled across it. Nor had I ever watched something on PornHub in the name of research.
The girl was cute--wearing glasses and a skirt and was in a secluded part of forest. I read about the advantages of wearing a skirt hiking to avoid making a mess if there's drips, but it wasn't something I'd ever considered so I couldn't imagine actually doing it myself. The girl hiked her skirt up and whispered to the camera that she was going to try the "two-finger" technique today. I watched in fascination as she parted her labia with two fingers. istanbul travestileri After a few moments, she let out a sigh and started to pee. She had a nice stream. More controlled than mine. Even so, there were some drips at the end that left her thighs wet.
It had helped a bit to see the video, and it was good to see that a standing piss was probably an achievable goal if I kept practicing. I wished the video had been closer up. I only got a vague look at where her fingers were and wasn't able to tell where her urethra was. I navigated to some of the other videos the same girl had posted. Most involved standing pees in nature. It looked like there were a few of her practicing in bathrooms and even one of her aiming at a urinal. Ballsy move.
Out curiosity, I watched a couple more videos. By the time I was done, I wished I had chugged water before I started my research. I was feeling very inspired to have a nice long piss, but I'd have to wait for nature to oblige me. Deciding I may as well do a little more research while I waited, I left PornHub open while I ran to the kitchen for a glass of water.
When I returned to my laptop, there was a large dick on screen. A result of auto play. I chugged my water, watching the screen out of the corner of my eye. I almost choked when I saw his rigid dick release a long blast of piss. I'd been expecting cum. It kept going. And going. I stared, fixated by the sight in from of me. I'd never see a guy piss while hard. Hell, I'd never had a close up of a guy taking a piss--why would I? He stopped the flow, then started flexing his cock like he was showing it off. He stroked it a little. There was now a strand of precum hanging from the tip. He held the base firmly, and a moment later another shot of piss came out. He started making it come out in little shots, grunting each time he let one fly. Then he started beating it really fast. His hand was a blur, until he froze again. Glob after glob of cum overflowed from his cock and dripped all over his hand.
I was kind of stunned when the video was over. I could believe what I'd seen. I couldn't believe I watched it.
I "accidentally" let PornHub auto play the next clip while I went to re-up on water. For research.
It was another man. Solo. I didn't mind that at all. I love watching masturbation. Man or woman. When I realized the guy was in a bathroom, I had an idea what would come next. He was fapping vigorously and had a short, angry looking dick.
I bit my lip, wondering when it was going to happen.
He started polishing his knob with his palm. I found that really hot, and barely noticed slipping my hand into my pants as I watched. I was surprised to find how wet my panties were. I wasn't sure how I'd got so worked up, but now my clit was swelling, and I needed to tend to it. Then the guy on screen let his cock go from his hands, and with it a long jet of pee flew. Then a steady stream arced from it.
I still felt a bit shocked by what I saw seeing, as if I'd forgotten the subject matter I'd been watching.
Now the guy was waggling his dick around a bit, sending piss flying all over as he continued. I was giving my clit light, fast little circles while I watched in fascination. He grabbed his cock again, still very hard, and pissed some more. Seemingly satisfied, he gave his cock a little shake.
"Fuck it, I still have more left," I heard the guy on the video grunt. I moved my own hand faster. He started peeing again. This time he used his thumb to kind of aim his stream, like you would use your thumb on a garden hose. At that thought, I started cumming. My already damp pants were going to be soaked with cum by the time I got them off.
I didn't really want to address what I had just masturbated to. I'd been worked up. I thought he'd just cum, not piss. I tried to make innocent justifications for it in my head.
Even after my orgasm, I was so aroused it took me a while to realize my bladder was ready for practice. I headed to the bathroom and stripped down.
I tried to spread my lips, but I was so swampy down there that I couldn't get any grip. I fumbled with my privates, trying to work something out. Finally I gave up and sat down in the tub. So maybe it wouldn't help my standing piss, but I was determined to make each practice educational, and this was no exception. It would be good to see it from a new angle. Maybe I'd even be able to catch a glimpse of my urethra. That would help me see its natural direction.
I wiped some of my wetness off on my thighs and brought my knees up towards my shoulders, letting my feet rest on the edge, elevated from the rest of me. I looked down at my pussy. The lips were already naturally parted in this position. My clit looked like it was sticking out far from this view. I have a pretty big clit. Not alarmingly big, but let's just say, no one ever had trouble finding it. Even though my inner labia are pretty small, my clitoral hood is substantial. I pulled back the hood and saw my swollen clit protruding like a little erection. I couldn't help touching it. It felt incredible. I used some of my wetness to lubricate my finger, then used it to rub directly on the exposed nub. So sensitive.
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