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Lil' Guy

Post #1

My name is Jake, and this is my story about coming to terms with a small penis.
There are approximately 100 million men between the ages of 18 and 65 in the United States.
Statistically, 85% of erect penises are below 7 inches in length.
The average erect penis length is 5.6 inches. The average flaccid length is 3.61 inches.
Why am I listing these statistics? Well, for most men who fall in the average range, this is no big deal. For the big guys, they're probably beaming and proud of the fact that they're well-hung. But for us little guys, there's real humiliation in knowing we're small and because of this, we don't want to be outed. We'll use restroom stalls, instead of urinals. We're less likely to hit on gorgeous women, lest they discover our tiny dicks. So we settle on the mediocre women -- the uglier ones, the chubbier ones, the older ones. Or we go home from bars and nightclubs alone.
My erect length is barely 3 inches, so it's not at all impressive. Soft, I have a "button penis." It's maybe 1.25 inches long. Stretched, I get maybe 2.5 inches. This means that MY penis is approximately 2-3 inches shorter than average both hard AND soft. Growing up, I used to be teased in in the locker room after gym class or football practice. There was a significant amount of ball-busting when I went through basic training as well.
So...If 85% of penises are below 7 inches, with 5.6 inches being dead average, there are STILL 15% who are OVER 7 inches. Getting back to the 100 million men in the U.S. thing -- that means there are around 15 MILLION guys out there in the USA with penises over 7 inches. Divide that into 50 states, and you get an average of about 300,00 men with 7, 8, 9 inch (and maybe BIGGER) cocks in EACH state. Not that Vermont, Wyoming, Alaska, etc. have that many well hung men - they're spread out, and per capita, there are probably more in larger cities and more densely populated areas - but you get the picture.
Although I knew I was small growing up, I first realized this gross disparity in the dating world after going through a divorce with my first wife. We'd initially met in college, and neither was very experienced. When pressed, she admitted other men she slept with were larger, but that my size did not bother her. Despite this, we had a decent amount of sex when we were dating in college, although it tapered off to weekly or every other week after we got married. She told me that she wasn't a very sexual person and almost never masturbated, but that she did climax easily during sex. After we started having kids, it dwindled to a few times a year at best. Now in our forties, with 4 kids and stressful careers, our nearly sexless marriage had long lost the love and the fire could not be rekindled. So we parted ways on good terms.
At 43, I started casually dating and making up for lost time. Although I was getting a lot of dates, the super attractive women would inevitably lose interest after we started taking things to the next level. I seldom got to sleep with the hot ones, as after a make out session while feeling each other up, or starting to go down on each other, they'd discover how small I am. Even the average-looking women, and the less-than-average-looking women and the chubbier ones knew they could find someone bigger down there. There were a couple of women who remained interested because of my skilled tongue and lips and my enthusiasm for eating pussy who tried to make things work.
One woman came straight out and told me that she liked me, but I had a small dick which was no good for her in bed. Next time we got together she brought a gift. "Here," she said. "Open it up. I got it from an adult bookstore, especially for you." At first, I thought it was a large dildo. But then I realized it was a penis extension sleeve, designed to slide tightly over a smaller erect penis and through suction, stay on to allow thrusting. It worked, and she got off, but she soon grew tired of it and told me she wanted to find someone else. She DID like me, and would consider dating me seriously, but she said she reserved the right to see other people if we stayed together. Although she expected me to remain faithful to her. It WAS kind of a turn-on, I passed on the offer.
I continued to casually date, keeping busy with my kids, my work, and my hobbies, but still occasionally meeting women for the next couple of years. I'd say that I got laid every month or two, if I istanbul travesti was lucky, but I ate a LOT of pussy. I even had a couple of regulars who never let me fuck them, but always wanted muff-diving sessions. Both of them had since gone on to date other people, but confided in me that 'though their boyfriends were well-endowed and the dick was good, they never went down on them the way I did.
Like men who have their preferences for women with big tits or big asses, there are lots of women who prefer larger cocks. Not all women do, and there are some who are happy with the man the cock is attached to, regardless of size. But for a lot of them, size is everything. As I found out with the woman who bought me the penis extender, and as I later found out with my soon-to-be 2nd wife, Shay.
Shay is 37. She is very sexy and curvy. And when I say curvy, I mean it in a GOOD way. Likes her margaritas and tacos, but goes to the gym. Hourglass figure. Taller -- around 5'9" with size D breasts and a nice round butt. Maybe 180 pounds. Flat stomach. Nice legs. Pretty feet. Sexy eyes. Pretty face. Nice hair. Minimal makeup. When we met, she was enamored with me. She held off on my advances for almost a MONTH. Although we went out weekly, and made out at the end of our dates, we did not sleep together for several weeks. Our sexual chemistry was on fire! She LOVED the way I went down on her, and talked dirty to me when I fucked her, telling me I did it SO well. She did not seem to mind that I was less than modestly endowed. Sometimes, on nights when I knew I wouldn't see her because I was working an evening shift or our schedules didn't line up, she'd stop by after work, and beg me to eat her out before she went out with the girls, to the gym, home to do housework, etc.
After dating her for a year, I went out and bought an engagement ring and proposed. She accepted. Within the next two weeks, we talked more and more about our future together. And that's when she came clean.
She told me she loved me, but that since we'd been together, she missed the feeling of being, "filled up," during sex. I asked her why she was telling me this since when we were intimate, she'd tell me I did it SO well. She confessed that while no man had ever fucked her as passionately as I did (and that I DID fuck her well, or as well as I was able to), she still yearned to be stretched and filled like she had been by so many of her previous lovers. Although she orgasmed from oral very quickly, and I satisfied her in THAT department, she REALLY climaxed from vaginal sex. Those orgasms made her cum HARD.
We had so many other things in common -- we both enjoyed watching football, going to the gym, finding new trails to hike, dogs, and we were both well-liked by each others' friends and families. She felt safe with me, respected, loved, and I'd never made her feel like anything other than a lady. She very much wanted to marry me and start a family. However, she was not enthusiastic about missing out on the kind of sex she had gotten used to in her single life once we were married. She admitted that she'd lost her virginity at 16, when she was a sophomore in high school, to her first boyfriend, who was a senior. At the time, being young and inexperienced, she thought it was normal that her boyfriend had a thick penis that was almost 9 inches erect. She later found out, after they broke up when he went away to college, that all men were not hung like that. She never had problems finding men to date after that, and sometimes, she'd casually date more than one man. But usually, if those men were not at least in the 7 to 8 inch range, and relatively thick, she lost interest in the sexual aspect of their relationship. Of course, those who could eat pussy well would fare better in keeping her interested longer, but usually that interest would wane.
Shay also admitted that she secretly enjoyed teasing men and sometimes enjoyed being dominant, although she could also be submissive for the right man. She was never submissive with me.
She came from a fairly conservative family, although she was worldly and fairly progressive when it came to life. This was something she'd been trying to strike a balance with, in recent years.
She then further revealed that she low-down knew that I was well-aware of my shortcomings when it came to my penis, based on my internet searches and porn sites that I'd visited. She'd snooped in my laptop, travesti istanbul she told me, because she wanted to be sure I wasn't hiding anything from her. Next she told me she had concerns about my ability to keep up with her sex drive once we were moved in and married. I told her I wasn't sure what she meant. She came out and asked how often I masturbated, as she knew due to our schedules, we'd have sex about once a week, although she thanked me for the muff-diving quickies I'd provide her, in-between. I knew I was lying when I told her I did it about once a week to take the edge off, but then she called me out on it. Not according to your browser, she said. And the clips that you've saved. As far as I can tell, you've been taking matters into your hands almost every day, if not every other day. Most of my past boyfriends made sure I was taken care of 4-5x a week, sometimes 6-7. My most serious boyfriend would often ravish me TWICE a day. They were NOT wasting it jerking off.
This is VERY important to me, Shay continued. As, in addition to my sex drive, I very much want to have children. If you are wasting your precious seed, cumming into your hand or a tissue, this will be taking away from our ability to conceive.
I protested, telling her she was wrong, and that it was something I just did, on occasion, to curb my arousal when we couldn't meet up.
You DEFINITELY want to marry me, right? She asked me. Yes. Absolutely, I told her. Okay, I need to do some thinking, Jake. We'll discuss this again tomorrow.
The next day...
I've been thinking. You tell me when our schedules don't line up you're taking matters into your own hand once a week. I want to believe you, but I don't, based on your internet searches and porn site visits and the frequency. I have had exes texting me often enough to be tempted to see them and getting filled up like I deserve, but I have kept them at bay and remained faithful to you during our engagement. I think I have a solution. In looking at your searches and videos watched, it's obvious you get off on cuckold fantasies, teasing, size difference, small penis humiliation, denial, chastity, size queens, femdom, hotwives, women getting plowed by big cocks, BBC and the like. I'm going to indulge you, but it's not entirely what you think.
Shay continued. I had a heart-to-heart with my parents, and I think you should know that they told me that a happy wife is one of the keys to a successful marriage that will stand the test of time. However, to keep your wife happy, there are some vital measures to put in place. Without these measures, our marriage could hit the rocks. To change the outlook of our marriage for the better, you need to honor and respect me. If you don't, it will be impossible to do things together as partners, which can affect our relationship. The primary meaning of honoring your wife is ensuring that you recognize my presence and worth in the marriage. Also, honoring me means that you respect me enough to decide for myself sometimes and contribute my quota in making the marriage better. Do you understand where I'm going with this, Jake?
I think so. But I'm not exactly sure what you mean. I mean I DO honor and respect you, and I will continue to do so after we're married, and I trust you, but please elaborate a bit.
Well, Shay continued, traditionally, marriage is for procreation, and the begetting of children, which I think we both want. And I've mentioned feeling neglected -- due to our schedules often not aligning, in addition to your regular masturbation habit, with is threefold. One it's self-centered. Two, it's neglectful of me. And three, it's wasting your seed which could give us a baby. I've also felt neglected because your small penis doesn't give me that filling, satisfying feeling, although you do try hard, and you do please me with your mouth, but that's another matter altogether. In addition to what I mentioned above about vital measures to keeping me happy (which might have you confused, but I promise I will elaborate on very soon), I should tell you that my parents are evangelical Christians. Both spoke with the minister, and he mentioned that in addition to honoring his wife, a husband must be pure of heart. So I did some reading, and the good book speaks of the sin of spilling ones' seed, or, ahem, male masturbation. Although it doesn't address female masturbation, it does expressly forbid a husband from masturbating. istanbul travestileri So I have a solution. A compromise, if you will.
In line with this thought, and as I previously mentioned having perused the sites and clips you've been viewing, I think it's only reasonable to have you fitted with a male chastity device. In this way, I will know your little penis is safe and secure from you spilling your seed and being wasteful, not to mention neglectful.
I protested. But I won't! I won't be wasteful.
Oh, but you WILL. I absolutely KNOW that you will take matters into your own hands, if left unsupervised.
But how will we have children if you keep me locked up?!?!
Here is what I have come up with, Shay continued. In the months leading up to our wedding, we will get you a Prince Albert genital piercing. After it has healed, I will decide on a chastity device for you that is compatible with a piercing. After the initial lockup period of three months, you will be released on a regular schedule. However, once we are married, I will keep you locked, until I say otherwise.
Now, I mentioned feeling, er, confined, to sex with only you after we marry, and missing the feeling of being filled. And I also spoke of, "vital measures," to be put into place to ensure I felt honored and respected. This is one of them.
"ONE of them?!?!" I asked, actually yelled.
Yes. That is one of my decisions. That you be kept in chastity. You DO still want to marry me?
Yes. I admit that I do. But this is both frustrating and a turn-on.
Good. Because I suspect the next thing I have to tell you will only heighten this. Shay continued.
What do you mean? I asked.
I mean, she said, that I will be having sex with two of my former boyfriends on a consistent basis. Unprotected sex. But don't worry, they're both clean. Also, I reserve the right to take additional lovers, or bulls, as needed. The reasoning for this, is they can't both see me regularly. At best, I may be getting plowed 2 or 3 times a week. It won't be anywhere close to the 5-7x a week that I'd really like.
And if you're good, and any of them are down for it, you might be allowed to watch sometimes.
They're both STD-free. As will be any future bulls. And unprotected sex is an absolute requirement as I want children. I'll be 40 in a couple of years. You already have kids, and I know you said you're open to more. But rest assured, Love, YOU will ALSO be fucking me.
Really?!?! I asked.
Oh, definitely, Shay continued. But only when I unlock you and release you for sex with me on a regular basis.
A "regular basis?" I asked.
Yes. Regular, as in monthly, as it will only be when I am ovulating. On those days, I will unlock you for a passionate lovemaking session. But as soon as you cum, we will shower together and you're going to be locked back up until the next time. Hey, we are going to be married, so it's only fair that you get to compete to contribute your genetic material, along with my bulls to try to make a baby. But I will still allow you to please me with your tongue the rest of the month.
I'd also like to try some different things. Like age play -- I think it would be fun to seduce a college student. Or status/role play -- seducing a doctor, or an athlete, or a CEO of a company. Or have trysts with men of different races -- I've never slept with a Black man, or an Asian man. A threesome might be fun.
But answer me this, I asked. Why don't your bulls have to be locked up and restricted to fucking you when you're ovulating?
Because THEY aren't going to be married to me, silly. Also, none of them are married. I thought we already went through this. YOU will no longer be single, and we can't have my husband wasting seed when we are married. As your wife, I am free to masturbate whenever I like, because there is no seed spilled when a woman goes to town on herself. Also, we agreed that to keep me happy, vital measures needed to be put into place to ensure my presence and worth in the marriage. My lovers/bulls are all hung and thick with 8-9 inch cocks that really fill me up, unlike your, "under-four-incher." As they are all unmarried, they are free to spill their seed, but I have decided that I mostly want it inside me, to increase the likelihood that I get pregnant. I know that, in the event you fail to get me pregnant and one of them DOES, we will both love and raise the baby or babies, regardless. But it's only fair that you get to fuck me when I'm fertile. Oh, Jake, I DO love you. But teasing you and pleasing you and exerting a bit of dominance over you is good for both of us, don't you think?
What else could I say?
28 Ocak 2023, at 12:41

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