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Spick'n Span (eng.)

Post #1

Not bad at all, I thought happily and let my tongue circle around the thick, shiny red glans again. This was already the ninth sturdy cock that willingly drilled through the hole in the thin wooden wall,*eager to be pampered by me.
Concentrated, I began my blow job. I routinely opened my mouth, put my lips over the finely veined penis shaft and sucked on the stranger's stiff pecker. I could only estimate *and guess the stranger's age and figure. The well-chosen masculine perfume, as well as the slightly hanging scrotum, suggested a slender man in his 40s.
I gently weighed the weight of his scrotum with my hand.*He actually seemed to be needy. Satisfied, I licked the entire width of my tongue from the shaved base of the cock up to the throbbing tip of his penis. A viscous Lust drop*already gushed out of the narrow slit of his glans which gleamed like a ripe cherry in the dim neon light. Deep, muffled moans came from the toilet cubicle and confirmed me of the quality of my blow job...
But stop! Maybe I should start my story from the beginning and first tell you how it actually came about.
After I dropped out of 13th grade just before*high-school diploma*there were no professional alternatives for me, I decided to raid my savings account to become self-employed. In good faith, I leased the Restrooms from a a Highway Corp. *and worked there as a cleaner.
Unfortunately, there was no financial success*It was with a lot of effort and with help of tips that I was able istanbul travesti to pay the monthly lease *and work halfway to break even.*I hardly made any profit and therefore had only a very small income. No, that's really not how I imagined my way into a successful business career.
After a short time, I felt compelled to expand my range of services in order to somehow record figures in the black. The brilliant idea came to me one morning when I was cleaning the men's toilet.*In addition to rubbish, toilet paper and urine splashes, I noticed a lot of encrustations of dried semen stains, which I painstakingly removed.
Of course, that was the idea.*Why not incorporate male toilet-goers' pent-up sexual pressure into my business model? Excitedly, I devised a plan and began to implement it step by step.
With a borrowed round drill I drilled an 8cm hole in the thin wooden wall of my cleaning room. So I now had a round connection to the first toilet cubicle of the men's toilet at a height of one meter.*A black rubber seal provided the necessary discretion and made the hole appear like a disused drainpipe.*The perfect camouflage.
Now my male customers not only had the opportunity to satisfy their necessities, but also to indulge in their sexual needs and to be satisfied if they wished.*Now all I had to do was draw the gentlemen's attention to my new service as casually and inconspicuously as possible.
I taped a laminated note to the prepared toilet cubicle:
paper istanbul travestileri used up? - knocktwice!*(free)
I then added the following to the slide by hand with a permanent marker:
handjob? - knock 3x! *(20?)
blowjob? - knock 4x! *(50?)
Now the note looked as if a humorous toilet-user *had made a joke. I looked at my work with satisfaction and was curious about the first reactions.
At first little happened. Every now and then someone knocked curiously from cabin 1. But only twice.*With a smile, I then pushed a roll of toilet paper under the door and thus increased the curiosity of my male customers.
After just a few days, my plan was a success.*There was a knock - not two, but three times. Excitedly, I removed the rubber stopper from the wall and waited, smiling, until the amazement of the customers had faded into lust.
I listened intently to the hectic noises that came from the cabin, until a short time later a quite handsome, semi-rigid cock pushed through the hole. *Giggling, I registered the blue ?20 bill wrapped around the bobbing shaft. I grinned and withdrew my advance payment from the penis and devotedly provided the expected service.
Within a few days my plan took on a life of its own. It went better than I ever dreamed of. More and more frequently it knocked three or four times. My tax-free income increased significantly and my self-employment threw ever higher profits. The rush of customers increased and travesti istanbul my business model started to pay off.
The wave of travel at the beginning of the summer holidays and the word of mouth among the many long-distance drivers favored my success. Cabin ONE was secretly considered an Insider which many were happy to give preference to. The expectant knocking determined the rhythm of my working day. At times I had to be careful not to neglect my cleaning work. Especially at lunchtime I had my hands full in the truest sense of word and had to fill my mouth quite a bit...
So that's how it started.*A difficult start that ultimately turned out well.
Really not bad... excellent, I thought to myself and sucked harder on the pipe, which protruded from the hole in the wooden wall. Faster and faster I let my full lips slide along the shaft of the steel-hard magnificent specimen. I gently kneaded his bulging nuts, which submitted to their natural purpose and immediately began to pump.
Twitching wildly, the throbbing cock began to squirt its creamy nectar into my mouth. Much - too much for me to fully absorb the enormous load. With milking*motions I rubbed*the unknown stranger's Pipe and decorated my heated face with the last warm splashes...
It was getting late. For the last time today I cleaned the toilets and urinals and checked the tiled rooms of my empire with a critical eye. Everything was Spick'n Span.
Luise, one of my three employees, greeted me with a wink and took over the night shift in a good mood. Satisfied, I left the toilet area of ??the service area, opened the door of my newly purchased sports car and looked forward to my well-deserved end of work.
(Robiene thanks Rob for the translation)
28 Ocak 2023, at 12:41

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