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The Pantyhose Club

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Sooo ... yes I admit it, I am a pervert. But every time I see nylon covered legs I have to look. No matter if the legs belong to an 18 year old or a 75 year old, Displayed in a beautiful pantyhose it is a joy for my eye. And, if these legs are big, firm and fat, I can't help it, I get mesmerized and I dream about getting my nose in between those gorgeous full thighs and feel the soft fabric to my cheeks.
So when a few weeks ago I took the bus and saw a pair of big, full knees in a black pantyhose I sat down beside this lovely lady. She was in her mid 40th, handsome face with a natural blush on her cheek and small but full lips. Her hair knot seemed randomly tied on top of her head with a lock tugged behind her ear. Her black skirt was half way up her thigh, revealing the most beautiful thick thighs I had seen in a long time. She didn't cross her legs which always makes my fantasy go wild. Her shoes seemed heavy, grunch-like boots but when I got a better look I saw it were orthopedic boots. They were actually so short, almost square that the feet inside had to be massively disformed.
She saw me staring and said "Club feet ... And a bit of a grunch, but mostly club feet."
I looked up, ashamed, and only now I saw the crutches on the other side of her seat.
"You don't see that often anymore. Beautiful shoes though."
"Thanks. Yeah, you're right. Despite what my parents thought, Jesus didn't heal me, a surgeon could have done much better. Gotta carry your burden, my parents said."
"Well, you can't choose your family. They left you with some really nice legs though. Sorry for being so blunt but geee ... "
"Well, thanks ... I guess ...?" She was astonished and at first didn't know what to say, then continued,
"No ... you don't have to say sorry, you made a compliment and I should take it as it is. I guess it has been too long since someone said something nice about my appearance. And actually, I am quite happy with my legs and like to istanbul travesti show them. So thanks, I am honored."
"I like to look at them, so that's a win-win situation."
Her hand went over her knees. It looked so sexy, striking her own leg, happy with what she saw and felt. Oh, how I longed to get to feel these lovely thighs too.
"This is my stop."
She took her crutches when the bus stopped. For a moment our faces were just inches apart.
"I would like some more compliments." She whispered in my ear.
I took it as an invitation and although this wasn't my stop I followed her. She was quite fast, swinging both legs at once between her crutches. Her feet and ankles seemed limp and atrophied but her calves were firm, round and feminin like a woman who is wearing high heels.
"Wait a minute, did I mention you have a perfect body?" I shouted while running after her.
Did she just wiggle her butt in that tight skirt or was it my imagination? "Not to mention your beautiful eyes." I said as I walked backwards in front of her.
"And add a beautiful laugh and I am sold."
She laughed out loud. "I got the message. I live here." She said pointing to the front door of a small bungalow.
"I can only guess how delicious your coffee must taste."
"Ha ha, Oh shut up. Come inside." she nodded.
The living room was big with not much furniture. She sat down in a wheelchair and pushed it around with her feet, making coffee in the open kitchen. Holding the cup andpushing the wheelchair toward me she placied it on the table, and stroke her knee to my leg.
I took her by her calves, pulled her near and put her legs on my lap. Striking my hand over the soft nylon fabric, feeling her skin, her full flesh underneath it. The inside of her knees, her big fat legs. I unleashed her boots slowly. The soft leather covered a 2 piece hard shell which revealed her feet. They both were crumped, twisted to the inside which made her walk travesti istanbul on the outside of her feet. Her toes pointed down, almost backwards toward her heels. Her feet were just a bagful of bones, randomly put together which made them unable for what feet should do, walking and bearing her weight.
By now my dick was rock hard, from the touch, the feeling and the sight of this beautiful woman.
"I am out of words to comprehend your beauty. Is it ok if I continue my compliments physically?"
"Please, don't let anything stop you. If you start down there it can only get better."
"Oh, you are teasing me, these delicate, fragile, one of a kind luxury accessories, that are just feet for us mortals, are the pinnacle of perfection."
I love to lick toes, both natural and nylon covered, but her feet were a source of joy, of exploration and craving. I was in awe like a 16 year old who touched a woman's body for the first time. Feeling, tasting, sniffing, licking and sucking these symbols, emblems of an extraordinary woman.
My sucking on her feet made her giggle, horny. She lifted her skirt and her hand went inside her pantyhose and panties. She leaned back, moaning, sighing while her fingers circled in her crotch.
"Hey, don't have dessert before finishing the main course. I still relish these beauties and I don't want to miss the elixir coming right down from your female heaven. Situated between these tantalizing shanks."
A wet spot shimmered through her panties and pantyhose. Clearly her arousal wasn't to stop. I lifted her legs over my shoulders and my face went up her legs, striking the insides along my cheeks, cherishing the feeling of her muscles, skin and fat, covered in this delicious, soft fabric.
She spread her legs and I licked her crotch, the oval seam, that covers her holy grail. I tasted her wetness, robbed the nylon with my tongue against her smooth cotton panties. Under my tongue and under the fabric she was still istanbul travestileri pleasuring herself. I sucked and inhaled the juice and odor she was luring out of herself.
But I wanted to taste her myself, suck the pleasure fluids out of her so I lowered her pantyhose and panties, just halfway her thigh. Pressed my head into her muff and felt the tense, empty pantyhose with my hand. Her pubic hair was wet, her lips filled with excitement and her clit peaked out, ready to be caressed. She was perfect and I just had to swirl my tongue under her clit, flipping it, teasing it to make her crazy. My fingers inside her vagina pushed her mons, her clit toward my mouth. She squirted when she orgasmed, screaming high and loud while piercing her fingernails into the skin of my head.
Her pantyhose was soaked, with splatters down the inside of her calves. My face went down. I wiped off the wetness from her wheelchair seat with her feet. Then I sat back. Lowered my jeans and shorts. My hard, precum dripping cock flopped out, standing straight forward. I slowly put her nylon covered feet over my hard dick, slowly stroked them forth and back. Her legs were weak at first but slowly she took over the stroking. Then my hands were free to touch her beautiful calves while the soft skin of her crumbled feet stroked my red, hard dickhead. It didn't take long before my sperm shot out of it, onto her pantyhose, mixing my seed with her squirt.
There is just one thing I love more than a nylon covered leg. And that's a cum dripping nylon covered leg. From that day on bus line 45 was my favorite. We didn't exchange names so day after day I was sitting in the bus, because I didn't dare to ring her doorbell. One day, I saw gorgeous knees, thick and covered in a black pantyhose. A big man standing in the aisle blocked her sight but I knew it was her. At her bus stop I waited at the door for her. Her hand, holding her crutch, stroked my hip. I went after her, running almost because she didn't slow down a bit while swinging her legs in big steps though her crutches.
Without a word I followed her inside. I got down on my knees, lifted up her skirt and pressed my face in her crotch while she held on tight to her crutches.
28 Ocak 2023, at 12:50

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