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Dirty Anal with His Sister-in-Law Pt. 02

Post #1

This is the follow-up to my previous story of the same name.
Jack and Dina froze. The doorknob jiggled, thankfully it was locked. They thought.
After fucking Dina so deep that she needed to poop out his cum and her three-day long turds, Jack also covered his sister-in-law's pretty, Hollywood-hoping face with another thick load of his cum. He was sweaty and now frantic.
"What are you doing in there?" It was Heather, Jack's wife. She pushed on the door and, *pop*. It opened.
Standing in the doorway, this is what Heather saw: Crouching on the toilet seat, like a festival girl on day three of Lollapalooza shitting outside, was her older sister. On her older sister's face was a thick smattering of cum. The cum was that of Heather's husband, Jack, whose hard cock is still throbbing from ejaculating not only all over her sister's face, but it also, she could see, was leaking from her sister's now poop-dirty butthole. In the toilet, Heather could barely see the thick semen strands because her sister's thick turds were obscuring it. The smell overtook her. She stared at her husband and pushed him away from the sink so she could vomit. Hard.
Jack wavered between getting dressed or helping his wife. When he approached her, still naked, she yelled, "Get the fuck away...." and proceeded retching. His cock was lightly brown and he quickly pulled his boxers on and shirt, then pants. Then went to hug his wife.
Dina, who seemed sort of in a daze, hopped off the toilet and stood as she wiped her anus clean. Jack watched, then scolded himself for looking. Dina flushed the toilet and looked at her sister, heaving. The smell lingered as Dina picked up her clothes and gave Jack and Heather space in the small bathroom.
In the mirror, much the same way Jack had just unloaded his balls in his wife's sister's bowels, he looks at his wife in her eyes. The smell of her puke covering up her sister's poop, she growled, crying. "How could you?"
"Heather," he said, stroking his wife's hair. "I don't know. I don't know what happened. Or why. I am so sorry. It is not about the sex. I love you. I love you." he repeated the last part over and over.
"Then what was it?" she grunted, deep in her belly. "Oh my god, did you watch her....poop?" Heather vomited again.
"Just," Jack said, "listen to me. Please?"
"I can try to explain."
And he tried. And then the sun came up and there were more tears.
And then, five weeks later, Jack looked around the house he had bought with his wife for the last time and climbed into the moving van, heading for the opposite part of the country, away istanbul travesti from the life he'd ruined for letting his cock lead him so far astray.
He and Heather texted off an on for the better part of the next year, but only administrative stuff and the occasional birthday wish. Heather kept telling Jack that she hasn't, nor will she ever, speak to her sister again. Jack, to his bleak credit, said nothing back.
Heather was set to be remarried the following year and didn't invite her sister, Dina, and that is when things got interesting for Jack. Again.
A text: *Hey. It's Dina. Remember me?*
Jack waited a day to respond. Then said, *I do.*
Dina: *Haha. So you know about Heather's wedding? The 'I do' seems too perfect.*
Jack: *I had no idea. Good for her. You going?*
Dina: *Hell no. After nearly three years she still won't say a word to me."
Jack: *Go figure*
Dina: *Heard you're in Boston now.*
Jack: *I am. How's La La Land?*
DIna: *Ha. I haven't lived there for well over a year. I'm in NYC now. It sucks. Still lonely. Which leads me to you: Want to meet up?*
Jack wriggled up his face: *Um. Why?*
Dina: *Are YOU going to Heather's wedding Saturday?!?*
Jack: *No.*
Dina: *Your place or mine?*
And that is how it was rekindled. For better or for worse.
Jack hadn't really dated anyone since the tumultuous and embarrassing divorce. People knew details. Details he didn't want people to know. Dina skated by with a familial ex-communication, but Jack had friends and colleagues all now certain he was a deplored pervert for what he did. He kept to himself in a small one-bedroom just west of Boston.
He took the train to NYC.
When he got to Dina's apartment, he was so mad at himself. This was the dumbest thing he could imagine doing, but he knew no one would ever know. And, so what? He changed his attitude as soon as she opened the door.
Dina looked great. Slimmer than the last time he saw her. And for some reason, she answered the door in a kimono.
Jack eyed her up and down, "I thought we'd, like, go out to celebrate your sister hating us?"
"You honestly thought that is why I wanted to hang out? How sad for you."
He entered her loft and looked around and then as he turned back to Dina, the kimono was draped around her ankles. She was naked in the well-lit apartment, her pussy smooth, her tan fake. She had a new tattoo on her pelvis of a guitar. She pulled her hair up into a high ponytail.
"What the fuck." Jack said, shutting his eyes.
"What the fuck is right," Dina said, sashaying over to her now ex-brother-in-law. travesti istanbul "Don't tell me you haven't thought about what we did... don't tell me you haven't jerked your thick, long dick wishing you could smell me again..."
"You ruined my life."
"Then why are you here?" Dina grabbed at Jack's belt and soon, she was on her knees, taking his whole cock in her waiting, warm mouth.
As they slowly fondled their way to her tiny bedroom, Jack let his guard down and admitted, "I haven't stopped thinking about you..."
"I know," Dina said, breathy, totally naked on the balls of her tiny, sweet feet. In the threshold of her bedroom, she stopped and bent forward slightly, still firmly grasping Jack's hand.
A tiny belch from her anus, barely audible. Then the scent he had been trying to tell himself he didn't want. But now, it is all he lived for in that moment.
He kneeled and spread Dina's tiny cheeks and inhaled more of her intoxicating gas, thinking what his ex-wife looks like right now on the dance floor with her new husband. Then, in a moment of passion and violence, he picked up Dina and threw her onto the bed, her legs spread as a balancing act. This, he thought. This is why my life ended. Now, I will take it for all I can....
He devoured Dina's pussy, not caring how many scummy low-lifes had been in it, had cum in it. She grabbed his hair hard as he fucked her hole with his tongue. It felt good for them both.
"You want to fuck this stinky whore?" She said, "No one knows how good my butt smells." She slipped her legs under each other and was on her stomach looking back as she let out another long fart.
Jack leaned and inhaled deeply. His tongue flicked against her wrinkly knot, it was slimy, and tasted of her insides. His cock bulged and he pulled his pants off quickly, breathing in her gas that lingered around them. "I love seeing where you poop from," he said, an homage to years prior, when he asked to see where she poops from in the back of his then-in-laws' SUV.
"Ever since we texted, I haven't allowed myself one single shit. I figured, maybe you'd still be a filthy sicko."
With that, Jack spit on Dina's stinky pooper and reached below to spread her tight pussy lips. With his cock head, he felt around and soon, he slide all the way into her slippery canal. "AWW" he grunted, feeling her pussy clench his cock.
Then, they were fucking. Like, loud, skin-slapping fucking. No condom. No regrets. Only pleasure. As he railed her, he periodically spread her ass to look into her slightly gaped butthole.
"Fuck me fuck me fuck yes. Come on. Fuck this pussy." Dina istanbul travestileri yelled this and reared up so now she was on her hands and knees, she looked back over her right shoulder and said, "This is your pussy now. Fuck!"
"Yeah baby. My slut."
When he came, it was an eruption and his whole brain was on fire. He pumped thick ropes of cum deep up into this woman, a woman he hated, a woman he was once related to.
They collapsed on each other and she rolled to her side and aimed her asshole at Jack. "You know what else is yours? If you want it?"
She let out a long, loud fart that warmed his skin. As he inhaled, his cock reignited and he slapped her taut ass and smiled.
They fell asleep. It was 3 a.m.
The next morning Jack awoke with his already-hard cock in Dina's mouth, he thought he might have been dreaming. Then, realizing he was awake, Dina climbed around and put her asshole on his nose, and continued pleasuring him in the 69 position. He sniffed and licked and then Dina said, "You really want it?"
"Want it?" Jack asked, muffled in her muff.
She let out a silent fart in his face and said, "Oh I think you know..."
Her gas smelled of fresh poop.
"MM. Fuck. Yes. But no. I want to fuck it from you."
Within moments, their naked bodies were up and he was behind her in her kitchen/living room. He was behind her with a bottle of lube. He smeared his cock and forced his way past her insanely tight sphincter.
"Oh my fucking god," Dina shouted, throaty with morning.
"Poop this fucking cock out," Jack demanded.
"Your cock.... ugh... a fat turd...." she huffed, spreading her stance more to accept him, and expel him.
He slid out and with his cock came a mountain of thick, brown, firm turds.
"Oh fuck! Sorry! I know you wanted to cum..." Dian said, shocked and upset.
"On your knees," he demanded and she followed his order.
She knelt in her pile, unknowingly and it squished audibly.
"Suck your poop, off this cock..." he grunted. "You wrecked my life, now clean my cock from your shit."
A minute later, he unloaded down her throat. He grasped her hair tightly as he climaxed. "Good fucking slut. Good girl."
Then they never dressed. That whole rest of the weekend. And they only cleaned up her mess before he left on Monday morning.
That was five years ago, well before the world changed. They met up a lot after that and while they didn't always get as filthy as that time in her NYC apartment, they fell in love and married last year. A private ceremony with only themselves and the minister. To this day they have never spoken to her family, about anything.
They live in Florida, outside of Tampa and every morning, Dina poops with the door open, and often, Jack stands in the doorway and cums on his new bride's face, silently, with the understanding that their love needs no words, only action.
28 Ocak 2023, at 18:49

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