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College Student?s Landlady Pt. 02

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Part 2 -- Moving in
On Monday Gordon emailed frau Schimmel to enquire about how soon he could begin moving his belongings in and she enthusiastically responded that he was welcome to start anytime. Much to Gordon's chagrin his mother insisted on helping him bring all his things over the next day and he was a nervous wreck the entire time. Frau Shimmel enthusiastically met them in the front driveway and gave his mother a tour of the house and garden while he unloaded all his possessions from the car and began setting up his desk and putting his clothing into the closet and large dresser.
He could overhear Frau Shimmel tell my mom how she watches over her boarders and thinks of them as her sons and daughters. She reassured my mom that she would keep an eye on me and report to her if I was engaging in any questionable or immoral behavior.
Gordon could tell that this was not going to be the freedom and fun life that he had hoped for by choosing to go away to school. What caught his ear next had him worried. Frau Schimmel lowered her voice, and he could not make out what she was asking my mom but she heard my mom respond,
"Oh, he has not had an accident for a few months now and it is not that frequent."
Frau Schimmel responded,
"Oh, I see that is very interesting. Gordon claimed it's been over a year. He was less than honest during our interview. Fear not I will bring this up at an appropriate time and I will take precautions to safeguard that the mattress is not damaged."
My mom replied,
"His weak bladder has been a problem since he was a child and a source of constant concern and embarrassment. He occasionally would have accidents when he could not reach a washroom in time and up until her was 12 years old on long car rides I would put him in disposable diapers. His father would get so upset at this babyish behavior that he occasionally spanked Gordon for wetting himself or the bed."
"Thank you so much for telling me about his little problem."
Gordon was mortified that his mother had shared his secret. He fretted about it for the next hour while they had coffee on the back patio. His solution was to pretend that he did not overhear the conversation and hopefully Frau Schimmel would just leave it at that. Most of all he was now terrified that he might have an accident.
He sat with the ladies for a few minutes before his mom istanbul travesti prepared to drive back to North Vancouver. Once she was gone Gordon expected Frau Schimmel to interrogate him on what his mom had told her but instead, she was quite happy to have him in her home. She made him a quick lunch and suggested they walk into Fort Langley together so she could show him around, pick up some things for dinner and then in the afternoon he could do some chores.
While he she changed into a nice summer dress that showed off her ample chest as well as her round bottom. He could not help but stare as she opened the refrigerator door and bent forward to check what things she needed to buy. Poor Gordon got caught staring when she abruptly turned around to ask him if he preferred orange or apple juice. He looked down quickly, but he had been caught by a woman who was older than his mother. He enjoyed the tour of the cute Main Street which had a real small town feel to it nothing like where he lived close into Vancouver. She was quite chatty and clearly enjoyed his company especially having him assist in pushing the grocery cart. As she paid and chatted with the cashier she turned to Gordon and asked,
"It's a long walk home from here would you like to use the restroom before we go?"
Gordon turned beet red, and she just smiled then instead of asking she told him,
"Go use the restroom like I told you!"
He was now upset and embarrassed, but he did what he was told. She was waiting impatiently for him outside the restroom door and handed him four bags while she lead the way home. Gordon figured she was going to confront him about his inaccurate bedwetting history but once again she chatted away outlining that she would like him to cut the lawn and start weeding the vegetable garden while she hung out the laundry to dry in the afternoon sun and put away the groceries.
He did as he was told and cut the grass then started to pull weeds. Frau Schimmel came out with a glass of lemonade for him which he appreciated because it was now getting quite warm. She inspected his job and pointed to the long grass along the edges,
"You have not done a proper job you need to trim the edges then remove any of the trimmed grass that falls into the beds. If you want a reduction in your rent your chores must be done properly."
She playfully gave his bum a smack and smile as travesti istanbul she was heading inside,
"You don't want a real spanking, do you?"
Gordon just laughed and got back to work correcting his sloppiness and finishing the weeding. As he was working, he noticed that Frau Schimmel was on the back porch and beginning to hang the laundry on the clothesline that run over his head to dry. It was the usual assortment of towels, sheets, and clothing but as he headed toward the house, he noticed that the things hanging nearest the house where much more appealing to a young man. She had hung her bras, panties, slips, stockings and even a couple of girdles out to dry as well. He couldn't help but stare at them as he walked up the back steps to go into the kitchen.
"I've put towels on your bed so you can shower. Dinner will be ready in 30 minutes so don't dawdle."
After his shower Gordon sat on the edge of his bed to finish dressing and he heard a sound he had growing up. That distinctive rustling and crackling of a plastic sheet. He lifted the bedspread and sheet and to his horror there was a plastic sheet between the mattress and regular sheet. Inwardly he groaned as there was no denying it now that she was aware of his bedwetting and that it was not as distant as he led her to believe.
When he walked into the kitchen, he could feel his face redden as the looked down and meekly asked,
"Frau Schimmel why is there a plastic sheet on my bed?"
He expected her to inform him that she knew all the details that he lied about but instead she just cheerfully responded,
"Oh, Gordon I am so sorry I forgot to tell you about my policy of putting mattress protectors on my boarder's beds. Mattresses are very expensive and if someone has even the slightest accident, I will need to replace the mattress after they leave. Fear not after a couple of nights you won't even notice it. I'm sure you understand?"
"It's okay I guess."
Dinner was wonderful, Frau Schimmel was a much better cook than his mother who cooked everything to death. He didn't put two and two together, but Frau Schimmel purposely had him sit so that when he looked at her while she talked in the background her intimate apparel was flapping in the gentle evening breeze and he could not help looking past her over her shoulder. She was happy with herself for choosing this naïve young student istanbul travestileri to come live with her. She figured that in addition to being a virgin he probably never had been on a date. He would probably be the perfect homebody freshman who never got involved in school activities. She was confident that he was most likely a chronic masturbator too. She would find out soon enough but first she needs to set things up.
After the dishes were cleared away she suggested to Gordon to take one of the bikes in the garage and go for a long bike ride along the Fraser River to see the sights and when he got back they would have dessert out on the patio. Her plan worked because now she had time to set up her small baby monitoring type camera high on the bookcase in his room so she could monitor what he was doing. Given his keen interest in her bras and panties during dinner she suspected he would be masturbating when he went to bed tonight.
Upon his return they had dessert on the back porch, and she purposely began taking her laundry in off the clothesline while he sat there. She made sure her intimate apparel went into a small basket that she put on the patio table while all the other things were quickly folded and put away. She wished him a good night's sleep and told him that she was going to do some ironing and then read.
Within 15 minutes she heard him go into his room and moments later she could hear the distinctive rustle of the plastic sheet on his bed. Gordon was self conscious of the noise too as he laid down and thought about the roller coaster day he had experienced. He was convinced she knew his little secret but perhaps he was incorrect because he figured most landlords would challenge him immediately. Growing up Gordon had made a habit of looking at the lingerie sections of the old Sears and Eaton's catalogs that his mom had kept in the basement. For the first in his life, he saw old style girdles and bras for big busted women it was like a dream come true.
Frau Schimmel watched on her monitor as Gordon got undressed and lay on his bed slowly stroking his cock. She smiled at how small and innocent his uncut cock was even when he had an erection. As she had hoped he became oblivious to the rustling of the plastic sheet and she could even hear it from across the hall without the monitor.
He set a new record for a boarder to start masturbating at the sight of her foundation garments and intimate apparel.
She wondered how long it would be before she had a bedwetting accident. She would see if it happened naturally in the next week or if she would need to provide a little extra measures.
28 Ocak 2023, at 18:50

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