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Servants of the Goddess

Post #1

Faruzi stood in the dim, damp fug of the cell as the footsteps approached, her jailers accompanied by the unfamiliar sound of rattling chains. She was still unmoved and, by the power of her Goddess, she would remain a rock of her faith; in the tradition of her sister- and sire-hood, she remained naked beneath her white cloak vestments.
The procession in the corridor outside eventually rolled to a stop in front of her, the minions of the Dark Duchess flanking a pair of the Temple Guard, battered, bruised and heavily fettered.
Their breasts and chests were bound in cruel chains and their strong legs were bound with weighted restraints. All they had left were their bulging loincloths.
With a grunt, gate opened and the two Guards were thrust in, oblivious to sneers of contempt from their jailers. The cell door closed with a bang and the jailers strolled off, muttering insults.
Down the corridor an echo made its way back up to the quiet of the cell, "Enjoy your last night together infidels... Tomorrow shall be your doom! Ha ha ha!"
The two Guards did not look at her as they adjusted to the cell, the pale, of soiled fabric of her vestments seeming to rebuff their gazes. Faruzi simply closed her eyes and waited.
"Priestess..." one began after several long minutes, trailing off as Faruzi opened her eyes and caught her gaze.
"Do you remain faithful to the Goddess?" she asked them both.
The two battered figures nodded and Faruzi grinned mirthlessly as she reached up to untie her cloak, letting the garment float to the floor and immediately seizing their attention, her lush, tattooed body relatively untouched compared to their own.
Every mystic tattoo she had, over heart and belly and arms and thighs, was circumscribed with the dark runes of the Duchess. It was a desecration of the flesh of the Goddess and she saw the fury in the eyes of her fellow captives; a spark that hadn't been there moments before.
Still, when she moved towards them, biting her lip until it bled, their faces creased in puzzlement: with her tattoos desecrated she could not perform the blood sacrament of the Goddess. They didn't complain though when her hands went to their loincloths and freed their long, thick members, those same hands slowly pumping the soft dickflesh of the Guards and rousing them by degrees to a throbbing virility.
Her partners did not know what to do as she kissed their shafts, leaving tiny smears of blood, the straining dickgirl cockflesh reminiscent of the portraits of the Goddess as She-Stallion. She felt rough hands caress her face as she worked and she gently steered them until their cocks were touching tip to tip, allowing her teasing kisses to slide from one musky crotch to another over several tumescent handspans of girldick.
She stood and turned, facing the taller of the two, the dark skinned Guard; the pale futa behind her, bracketing Faruzi's cinnamon colouring, nudged forwards to press her cock between the priestess's big, thick ass cheeks.
"You will never share this secret with another, either of you... for now, I shall show you the ultimate blessing of Our Lady and Sire."
With that Faruzi rose and gripped both shafts, pressing the intimidatingly bloated cockheads into her wet pussy and lewdly tingling anus. The two Guards new what to do and promptly stepped together, their chains rattling as they did so, their athletic frames pressing into her own seductive curves. Faruzi gritted her teeth as several inches if arm-thick shaft pushed up into her, stretching her mightily, but ultimately nothing compared to what she knew she had to endure.
All three of them gasped as the tiny smears of her blood rubbed off on the secret, sacred tattoos inscribed within her cunt and asshole, the final marks that made her a true priestess. Desperately she ground further and further down the two heavy girldicks splitting travesti istanbul her, conscious of the start of a second, more mystical slow expansion. All three of them groaned and moaned and writhed and pressed against each other as Faruzi used her whole body weight to shove hot, thick penis into her slowly distending belly, the cock in her pussy banging on her cervix painfully even as the pale shaft in her ass rearranged her guts.
The priestess shuddered as she felt the two heavy dicks hilt themselves within her, the bulge the pair made together pushing out her belly button in a lewd show of sexual potency. All she could feel was her flesh pressing into theirs, inside and out as the blessing of the Goddess grew stronger and stronger, their chained bodies rubbing hers as they fucked up into her with jerking, stabbing thrusts.
The soft brown lips of the Guard in her pussy found Faruzi's mouth and hungrily kissed the impaled priestess hard, wet tongue probing and teasing. Faruzi moaned at the contact, the sensation, as she retuned the favour, feeling her other Guard's lips on her neck and then nibbling at her ear. It wasn't just that though; she could feel the growth of both members shoved deep into her, feel the ring of her anus and the walls of her pussy protesting as more and more girth was added to the invaders.
The nerves in her sweaty skin picked up the hardening and pulsing flexes of her lovers' muscles as lean amazon physiques began to bulk up quickly, the growth echoing that of the shafts pounding into her. As the thick brown cock lengthened enough to properly batter her cervix Faruzi flailed around for her lovers' roaming, questing hands, locating each one by one and pressing them firmly to her hips until all four hands were joined in driving her hips up and down those ominously growing girldicks.
It was an instruction: fuck your priestess and don't stop.
She screamed as her cervix was parted, swinging her arms around to hug her dark skinned she-stallion as the mingled pain and pleasure rocked her into a shuddering orgasm, her thick asscheeks clenching around the behemoth in her butt as she shook and moaned. The surge of her love juices brought with it a greater flow of blessing and her holes seemed to creak as the shafts within her expanded quickly thickening and lengthening until they were in danger of pushing up into her ribcage. In between the two expanding, lust-warmed walls of her lovers' bodies she squirmed and writhed until she could arch her back enough for the twin bulges to angle out past her sternum, creating a lewd lump of pounding flesh between her thick, soft tits.
She let her arms run down the powerful form of the Guard using her pussy, feeling how radical the growth of her lovers and servants had become, caressing shoulder muscles the size of a human head and still growing. She could no longer wrap her hands around the thick barrel neck and powerfully rising trapezius muscles of her black beauty, relying on her partner to hold her body into the kiss they continued.
She squirmed as she felt the pale Guard's hand reach around her bulging, cock-stuffed midriff to flick Faruzi's clit lightly with a finger, the casually sexual gesture enough to draw another groaning, whining orgasm from the hugely stretched priestess, and with it, another gush of fragrant juices and divine power.
The cocks inside her bloated massively even as her two partners seemed to inflate with fifty or sixty pounds of added brawn in only a matter of seconds, their growth slowly pressing her tighter and tighter between them. The kiss broke into panting gasps as her black skinned lover's barrel sized pecs pushed their faces apart with their growth, leaving the two of them staring lustfully at each other, bouncing slightly as the hard fucking continued apace.
Tears welled up in Faruzi's eyes as the growth of the members inside her became istanbul travestileri more painful than pleasurable, even the gift of her Goddess unable to lend her relief from the onslaught. Still, she soldiered on, her belly flesh uncomfortably tight as she continued to administer her blessing to them both, her breaths choked and rasping as the wind was knocked from her with punishing thrusts.
She could feel the mass of them both all around her, the dick-bloated outline of her body contained in the cavity between sweeping thick thighs, hard, taut midriffs and the heaving shelves of their chests. A noise caught her attention though and she flinched as the chains around her lovers' chests gave up in unison and fell loosely to the floor, their bodies shielding her from the whipping recoil of the snapping links. A pair of creaks signalled the imminent demise of the wrist cuffs, now trying to contain forearms the size of prize hams and Faruzi winced as the four cuffs let go with short, sharp cracks.
The leg fetters were the last to go, the thick manacles fastened around their calves to give them an awkward, shuffling gait were simply torn apart like wet clay. Calf muscles the size of kegs and as hard and cut as any diamond simply sheared through the metal with the ferocious, slamming rhythm of their fucking. All three of them were now truly naked for the first time, as the Goddess intended.
Faruzi was lost in a rolling thunder of orgasms, shuddering and gushing and shaking as the pain of her brutal stretching just hotwired her brain and pushed her into a realm of forced pleasure, thick herm cocks and two walls of grinding, sweaty muscle that encompassed her, eclipsed her and completed her.
Hearing a shuddering groan behind her she shivered, the member in her ass suddenly expanding much more quickly than her continuous orgasms would account for. Throwing her head back, she screamed into the bulging, flexing, hay bail sized pecs of her lovers as a blast of massively thick, sticky herm jizz banged into her guts, the scream turning to a wheezing gurgle as virile cum shot from her lips.
A strong, pale hand turned her head then, rosy lips pressing against the fountaining flow of cum and sealing to the priestess's in a sucking, drinking, lewdly demanding kiss as the pale Guard drank down her own seed, passed once through Faruzi's body. The effect of drinking hundreds of pounds of freshly blessed herm jizz was impressive, with muscles leaping into jagged relief as the huge body bloated and flexed and grew warm to the touch as the blessing did its work.
After long minutes the kiss was broken with a ragged gasp from the pale behemoth, a last few thrusts from her slowly softening cock mashing Faruzi into a musky, cummy embrace with the seemingly tireless darkly beautiful Guard using her pussy.
There was a sound like low thunder as the pale mountain pulled her cock free and staggered backwards, softening penis still blasting out thick gobbets of her issue. The Guard's groans were strained and laboured, growling nonsense.
With a wrench, the black beauty lifted Faruzi and spun her bodily, keeping her impaled on the pussy stretching invader as she was forcibly hauled down to its root. Cum spurted from her mouth and nose and ass as she was used hard, but it was the pale Guard who had her attention. Wobbling, seeming almost drunk and with her eyes rolled back into her head, the herm was trying to deal with the sheer volume of power her Goddess had infused into her. That pale flesh was flushed with effort now as she collected herself...
And flexed down hard.
Bearing down with greater and greater force, the Guard simply expanded in a rush of shredded mass, thick veins leaping to the surface as her skin audibly creaked under the onslaught. She powered into a crab pose as Faruzi watched, hammering womb fucking almost forgotten istanbul travesti as the pale herm shuddered and shook, biceps the size of boulders shivering into dense, threatening crags of muscle. Still the power flowed on.
For a second it seemed like the poor Guard wouldn't make it, her features growing darker and darker with the pressure of rushing blood, but then she sighed and collapsed to her knees with a boom, her thick cock terrifyingly huge even when lolling flaccid over one intimidating thigh.
With only a moment to rest the pale herm was back in action licking and sucking at Faruzi's hugely stretched sex, her mouth and lips worshipping the priestess's hard, aching clit, driving the relentless orgasms to a higher pitch and causing her comrade to inflate to mammoth proportions, thighs thicker than bridge supports relentlessly hammering a super sized - and still growing cock - into Faruzi.
In seconds the massive, dark glory of the Guard fell out of rhythm under the overload of power and pleasure, grunting in surprised unison with the priestess as a deluge of backed up herm spunk superinflated Faruzi's womb, eclipsing the view of the other mountainously muscled Guard with a massive swell of belly.
By the time the last clotted lumps of cum were squeezed into the fertile core of Faruzi's sex she was supported by a cock over three feet long and a belly that could have held a four poster bed with room to spare.
Panting, fucked out and massively pregnant already Faruzi turned to her two servants and said simply, "Go forth and wreak the terrible revenge of the Goddess; leave no belly unseeded and now warrior unbested. You are now Onyx and Pearl, reborn as the avatars of Our Lady and Sire and you shall sire thousands of the faithful on these defilers."
The walk up to the throne room had been exhausting, wrestling her belly through doors widened by the incredible power of her Onyx and Pearl, even helped as she was by the two mountainous herms. They waded through lakes worth of cum, saw guardswomen laying all around, hugely gravid bellies packed with sperm. The Dark Duchesses harem had not been spared either and, as the evil tattoos on Faruzi's body had faded, it appeared that even the Duchess herself had succumbed.
The figure on the throne was no longer the lithe, enormously endowed form of the Duchess, but a picture of rampant pregnancy, her flaccid member hidden under the bulk of her belly and maternally hypertrophied tits.
It took some time for her attendants to park her alongside the cum covered villain, but finally she placed her hands on the creaking, stretched belly flesh and intoned, "You have taken the lives of thousands; by the Goddess, you shall pay in kind."
The severe looking beauty thrashed and writhed as Faruzi's hands began to glow white, the more usual expression of her power now that her devotional markings were unbound. The Duchess's belly churned as the Goddess wreaked her final vengeance, every egg in the cruel futa's ovaries flooding forth at once, thousands of motes of life pushed out into the cummy swamp of the womb. Onyx's and Pearl's mixed seed instantly fertilised them all, but that was as nothing compared to the power if the Goddess. In seconds the hugely gravid belly of the Duchess shot outwards in a fleshy tide as the children inside her began to grow at an alarming rate, the evil dictator's previously modest breasts growing wildly to satisfy nature's maternal urges.
After several minutes the growth stopped and the Duchess was left as a weakly cumming, writhing appendage to a belly that filled the room with taut, fertile flesh from wall to wall and to the rafters of the high vaulted ceiling.
Motioning to Pearl, Faruzi was picked up and impaled once more on the pale avatar's cock, the brutal shaft powering into her gaping, much abused pussy and resting against her divinely sealed cervix.
"Take me to the Temple," she commanded breathily, stroking her own enormous belly, "I need to birth the Sisterhood that shall come after us and serve the Goddess. We shall return and deliver our new flock from the womb of this demon afterwards."
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