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Ch.1 The Meeting

Post #1

Tom waited anxiously for Paisley to see and respond to his video.* What would she think?* Was it too much?* Would she be scared off or turned on?* He hoped it was the later.* He did not yet know that Paisley had not only seen it but masturbated to it and cum so hard that she nearly passed out.* She was also now obsessed with his cock. *The next morning after he sent the video, Tom was at his desk working on another consult.* That familiar little black box on his screen popped up, telling him that Paisley was online.* He decided to wait instead of asking her to join his chatbox.* A few minutes went by, which to Tom seemed like an eternity.* Finally Paisley opened a chatbox.Hey*there, stud. How are you doing this morning?* Paisley typed and then took a big sip of her morning coffee.* She was actually a bit nervous.* She had now seen Tom's cock in all its glory.* He had transformed from a nice older guy she chatted and cybered with to, what?* What was he to her now?* A hot and viable real-life physical partner?* But he was still married and living on the other side of the country.* She wasn't sure how she felt now other than confused and turned on by the image of the big, hard cock shooting hot cum three feet into the air.I'm good sweetie, and how are you this morning?* Horny per usual?* Tom typed his response.* He was dying to know what she thought about his video but was trying to play it cool.Paisley knew Tom would want to know what she thought.* She decided to tease him a bit.* Actually, I had such a great orgasm last night that I am good this morning.* She took another sip of her coffee and waited for his response on the screen.Really?* Nice!* So what pray tell assisted in this monumental orgasm of yours?* Was it something you saw?* Tom waited for her to give him a full review of his performance.No, it was this new vibe I picked up.* It has the oscillating thing on the end that just hits my clit the right way and BOOM, I'm over the fucking edge in minutes!* She typed her response, knowing that would absolutely tweak him as he had to be anxiously awaiting her istanbul travesti review of his video.If Paisley could have seen the look on Tom's face, she would have seen the look of utter disappointment.* He gathered his thoughts and then answered her on the screen.* Nice.* I know how much you like your toys.* Glad you got one that hits the right button.Paisley waited and took another sip of coffee.* She also rubbed a finger over her already wet pussy, stopping to tweak her swelling clit.* She couldn't get the image of Tom's erupting cock out of her head.* But she wanted Tom to sweat for just a little bit.* Having two older brothers taught her to take advantage of any occasion you had to inflict a bit of mental torture.* She waited for another couple of minutes before responding.* Hey stud, I'm messing with you.* I saw your vid.* Wow, just wow!Tom was confused.* So you did see it?* And you liked it.Liked is an understatement.* I started to watch it and after one minute I had to get my bullet and buzz my clit with it as I watched the rest.* My god Tom, you never said you had such a big cock.* Why didn't you ever mention it?It's not that big.* Just a little above average.* Tom was a little embarrassed.* He never thought of his cock as being particularly big.* He knew he wasn't small, but he wasn't Porn Star big. *Fuck Tom, your cock is long and thick.* YOU couldn't wrap your hand fully around the shaft!* Fuck, it was so hot I drenched my sheets.* I'll send you the cleaning bill...Tom chuckled.* He was relieved to know that Paisley liked what she saw.* Was his cock really big enough to impress her?* He knew that she had her fair share of cocks.* You really think I'm big?Measure that thing.* Do you have a tape handy? Paisley was guessing it was at least seven inches plus and five inches around.* She wanted to know for sure.* She really wanted it buried in her now sopping wet cunt.I have a small fabric tape I keep to quickly measure wood when I am at the shop (Tom was a hobby woodworker with a large shop).* You really want me to measure it? *Fuck yeah!* travesti istanbul I need to know what you are packing stud.* Are you hard yet?* To be sure, check your inbox.Tom saw an attachment from Paisley and opened it.* It was a picture of her.* One hand was pinching her left breast and pulling the nipple away from her chest.* Tom had told her that it was an image that drove him crazy and that he often imagined what Paisley would look like doing it.* He told her he longed to tug on her nipple in that exact way.* And then do it with his teeth.* Fuck Paisley, that is amazing.* Your breasts are so fucking amazing I can't think of a more creative way to describe them.* Fuck!* Tom's cock was now fully hard.* He grabbed the tape.* Ok, the length is eight and three-eighths inches and the girth is five and a half inches.Fuck me, Tom.* And I mean that literally!* I have never had a cock that big inside me.* I watched your video big boy and it made me cum so much that I had to change my sheets. Sorry, but I have to run, stud.* I am meeting my friend for lunch in an hour.* We will talk later ok?"Tom wished she could stay and play, as his cock throbbed and demanded release.* Ok, have a good time.* Talk later.Paisley had logged off.* It seemed a bit quick to Tom, but that was Paisley.* A bundle of energy.* It was one of the*attributes that attracted him to her.__________Paisley did not log on for several days.* Tom was confused.* Where did she go?* Was she okay?* He had no way of knowing.* Still lonely, Tom did what he had always done and resumed his forays into the chat rooms. *Tom had logged on to one of the chat rooms.* Pics of various sexual acts appeared on the screen.* He surveyed the list of females on the side of the screen.* One, in particular, caught his eye.* SexyRunner19.* He offered a greeting.* Hey, so you run?Yeah, it's kind of in the name...Tom liked her response.* She could have blown him off, or just said hi.* Instead, she had a bit of sarcasm.* Yeah, I figured that but I wanted to make sure you weren't just pretending.* I ran track and istanbul travestileri then coached it so I take it fairly seriously.* LOL!Nice to meet a fellow runner.* Sorry, but I have to run...hahaha.* Need to finish studying.* Maybe see you around.* And with that, she left the room.* Tom stayed in the room for a bit but did not meet anyone to play with.* He went to her page and poked around.* She was nineteen*and in college.* She liked to run.* She was interested in older guys.* She was petite, five foot three inches and one hundred two pounds.* She loved fantasy fiction and eighties music.* And sex.* Most pages said that the owner loved sex.* Hence being on a sex story site.* Tom decided on a bold move.* He sent her a message.* It said that he enjoyed their brief conversation.* He was a fit older guy who loved chatting with young women.* If she wanted to chat anytime, send a friend request and they could chat.* He didn't expect a response, but it sometimes worked.The next day, Tom was online around eleven in the morning after his work was done.* His wife was out meeting a client.* A friend request was on his page and he noticed it was from SexyRunner19.* He quickly accepted.* She was online so he sent a chat request.* The box opened.* Hey there, how are you?Good.* Waiting for my next class.* I saw your request so I thought I would give you a shot.* I'm guessing you were in the room to cyber last night.* Did you get lucky?Wow, you get right to the point.* No, I did not.* I'm Tom, who might you be?* She was a fiery little thing and he liked that. *Kianna.* So you have five minutes before my next class starts to impress me.* Your time starts now...hehe.Tom chuckled to himself.* Nineteen and thinks she knows everything.* Okay, challenge accepted.* If you had hung around, I would have gotten you into a private chat room.* I would have asked if you were alone in your dorm room.* If you were, I would have told you that I would make you cum.* Not in the typical fashion of having you pretend to suck my cock.* No, I like to bring you to orgasm by directing you.* Telling you what to do and what not to do.* How soon to do it and how fast or slow.* What you can touch and what you cannot touch.* I am the puppet master and you are the puppet at my disposal and you cum when I tell you it is the right time.* How am I doing so far?
29 Ocak 2023, at 00:43

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