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Updating The Lease

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*As I shut the front door, Celia poked her head out of her sitting room at the back of the hall and said, ?Care for a drink???That would be lovely, Ms. Zhang. Let me wash up.?I took off my hat, shoes, and overcoat and went to wash my face and hands. It had not been a tiresome day, but I felt better joining her in her private space after cleaning off the daily grime. She gave me a healthy discount on the rent of her extra bedroom in return for maintenance around her house and other properties. Better, we chatted warmly each day in the living room and kitchen, but otherwise she gave me the same privacy she demanded from me; in the three years I had lived with her, I had been invited into what she called her sun room six times, three times on my birthday and three times on New Year?s as one of a stream of well-wishers, and I had never seen the inside of several other rooms.When I entered, she handed me a glass of liquor that a whiff proved to be scotch, and as she lifted a glass in salute, I stared at her in shock and awe. In place of her customary dress buttoned to the neck and falling below her knees, she was dressed in a blue silk robe. After she took a deep sip, she sat on the couch and gestured to a chair facing her on the left.We made small talk about our days for a minute, and then she looked out the window across from the couch. The evening sun shone brightly enough on her that I found it hard to look at her for long, and she couldn?t look into the sun at all that transformed her into a shining vision in blinding blue istanbul travesti against a healthy tan that shone against the pitch black of her hair with filigree of silver; her robe came down almost to her knees when she stood, but they were halfway up her thighs when she settled herself.?You?re a fine young man. Why haven?t you married??I had heard this talk from any number of women in their 40s and simply shrugged. ?You?re a fine woman. Why haven?t you??She guffawed and looked fixedly at me. ?You?ve never smuggled a woman into my house.??Nor a man. Nor have you, I think.?She gazed long and hard at me and said, ?You must be lonely. That?s not healthy, you know.??How was your last checkup??She guffawed again and shifted on the couch so that the hem of her robe rose another inch. ?Perfect health. Body of a woman half my age, the doctor said.??My second opinion concurs.?She smiled and raised her glass to me, and as she took a sip her hem rose a little more. After a moment she said, ?I read once that medieval monks often took their vows of chastity so seriously they basically stopped enjoying life to the full before they were eighteen. That is so incredibly tragic.??The past is a different country.??A truly foreign country. An almost inhuman one.??I?m sure many of them lapsed now and again.??Do you think so? I hope they did!??It?s the nuns I wonder about.?She waved her had dismissively. ?It?s much more private for women; I doubt anyone noticed.? She had moved so that the hem of her robe was almost at the top travesti istanbul of her left thigh and only a little lower on her right, and I shifted uncomfortably in my seat to hide my erection, though to little success.She glanced at my lap and smiled, ?For example, I know what you?re thinking. You have no idea about me.??You do seem to have me at a disadvantage, yes.?She guffawed again, the sash of her robe slipping so that the join on top slid down three or four inches, displaying creamy breast and dark shadow. ?Men are so obvious. Always staring or peeking or leering, most of you lot. Looking at women like we?re on display for you.? She took a sip, ?Sometimes we are.? She looked into my eyes, ?Other times we?re not.?She had leaned over onto her left elbow, and now she resettled herself so that she rested on her left hip. Her robe showed a great gap at the neck hinting that her breast was fully open to eyes directly above them, and her legs were crossed demurely, except that the hem was raised enough that if only there weren?t shadow, one might hope to make out the color of her panties.?And men are so rarely on display for us. We so rarely get to possess you with our eyes, watch you as we wish, experience every hint of your arousal. You have magazines, you have movies, you have your ever-present intrusive gaze. Just watching, staring, welcome or no, at a nipple here, a hemline there, a wardrobe failure on a lucky day.?She shifted her thigh slightly so that I could just see in the deep shadow cast by the istanbul travestileri sun close to setting that what I thought was black satin was in fact her fur. ?You may gaze at me now, take possession of the sight of me now?if I get the same.? She stared fixedly into my eyes and said, ?My gift, in trade for yours??I stood and stripped as she devoured the sight of each part of me, and soon enough I stood nude and fully erect before her. I watched, blind to anything else in the world, as she languorously undid her sash and let it fall to the couch, her right breast exposed in the blinding sunlight. She then slowly lifted the other side of the robe to fall behind her, lying on her side before me against a shimmering sea of blue silk. She lifted her left knee from the couch so that her thick thatch was less covered at the join of her plump thighs. I looked slowly from her hair to her solid hips, her solid belly, her waist and up her sides to where her breasts sagged one onto the other, then up her solid neck to her face and her shining eyes completing a similar trip over me.?I?ve seen your magazines in the drawer. I know what you do. But I?m better, as you can see. All real in the flesh. They stared at the camera, I?ll stare at you. I?ll deliver what they only promise. Show me how you need that.? She glanced down at my cock and back up to my eyes. ?Show me what you showed them.?I nodded and reached down to begin stroking. I stared at her breasts, her hips, her triangle, and back to her breasts, excited to greater heights as she moved slightly to show herself to me from one angle or another. After a minute she answered my need, raising her left knee, sliding her foot up behind her left shin to her knee, then shifting her right leg so that she was splayed open to me, legs in a diamond shape.
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