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Weekend chores, and more

Post #1

I felt tense and needed release. I felt dirty and sweaty after spending all morning running errands and cleaning the apartment. Three-day weekends should be the norm, not the exception. It had been another long work week, and then Steve got me all excited on Thursday. I could still remember how he smelled and how he tasted ? at least I think I could.I should not have told him that I?d call him. Now the responsibility was on me to make the first move. If I didn?t, I?d have to feed him some lame ?I lost your card? line if we met again. I had seen him first at Mass, and I didn?t want to be always watching out for him. Actually, I wanted to be watching all of him.I stripped out of my weekend chore scrungy clothes and looked at my reflection in the full-length mirror on the closet door. I enjoyed the image with the sheen of my long black hair, my big brown eyes, and light olive skin. I gazed at my pretty, round breasts and their brown, sensitive nipples. Perhaps I could get my Viking to do some caressing and stroking? My full lips split into a smile as I slipped my left hand down across my chest, briefly pausing over one nipple, feeling it harden beneath my palm. I needed attention.I resisted temptation for a few more moments while I thought about my Viking. What did he do for a living? His hands didn?t seem calloused when he stroked my cheek, but I felt real muscle in his arm when he held my head while he came.I let my right hand drift across my tummy, down to stroke the top of my thigh. My legs are trim, and I keep them in shape by exercising each weekday morning before taking my morning shower. I closed my eyes, tilted my head back, and wondered if I should pleasure myself, or if I should try to get in contact with Steve ? and see if he could satisfy me. I dragged my fingers over my chest, leaving tracks, and then paused to roll a nipple between thumb and forefinger.I had said that I?d call him soon, but it was Saturday afternoon, and istanbul travesti I didn?t want to risk the disappointment of him not answering his phone if I called. I have an ego just like everyone else. At the same time, I did want to get to know him better- all of him. I finally decided that today I needed an orgasm more than companionship and licked my lips in anticipation.Looking over my shoulder, I saw the comforter on the bed, and imagined myself reclining, legs apart, beginning my climb to bliss with my vibrator. I considered the tub waiting in the bathroom. Filled with hot water and scented bubble bath, I could indulge myself with the flexible showerhead. Hmm? I wanted something else tonight, though, something different.My hand moved slowly from my thigh to my pubic mound. The feel of my fine, sparse hair there was so different from that on my head. I brushed a fingertip across my clitoris, boosting my desire.My gaze settled on my image in the mirror, and I made my decision. I closed my eyes once more, and let my fingertips rub rhythmically against my clit, sending ripples of pleasure through me. My arousal made me weak in the knees, so I laid back on the bed. I palmed my right breast with my left hand, while my right continued to work on my hottest place. I sat partly up, opened my eyes and stared at my flushed face in the glass. Not wanting to climax yet, I slid my fingers off my mound and into my wet vagina. My pussy quivered and stretched, sending out waves of arousal. This was sex, yet with an edge of teasing, not satisfaction.Squirming into an upright position, I peered into the mirror. I wanted to be a witness to my climax. My legs were splayed wide open while my fingers pumped in and out. I ground my ass against the comforter and struggled to keep my eyes open.I stopped - just at the brink of orgasm, and groaned in delicious anticipation.Today I wanted to see myself up close. Although my knees were weak, I istanbul travestileri slid from the bed and slowly approached the mirror, looking closely at my erect nipples and firm thighs. Edging to within an inch or two of the mirror, I parted the soft hair covering my mound and rubbed the sensitive flesh just inside the tingling lips of my wet pussy. I gasped and felt my body jerk in response. My free hand found a nipple and squeezed, increasing the sensation to an almost painful level. My legs began shaking. I repeated the movements again and again, and then my buzzing clit let me know that how close I was. My orgasm began to build inside my crotch. I was trembling constantly now, my eyes fighting to remain open. The urge to collapse back onto the bed was strong. I had to strain to keep my balance and remain standing.Sweat now glistened across my chest and upper arms, as my passion caused my body to flush with warmth. I moved my slippery fingers faster, running in circles across my fully erect clit, then sliding them into my wetness. I watched me draw closer to release, marveling that the intense sensations sweeping through my body were mostly hidden. I patted the aroused flesh bulging from my dripping pussy, toying with it, stroking it, harder and more firmly, until at long last my climax could not ? would not - be bottled up any longer.I stood on my toes as I climaxed, letting it sweep through my body. I felt the walls of my pussy contract and release. My clit throbbed and pulsed. ¡Ay, Dios mío! As my orgasm sucked the strength from me, I released my nipple and stretched out my hand to brace myself against the mirror, fighting the weakness that spreads through me whenever I cum hard. I groaned and gasped, unable to keep silent as the climax flowed out from my pussy to release me.After a timeless moment, I sighed as the orgasm receded into beautiful afterglow. I took a last look at my gasping, glistening body in the travesti istanbul mirror, then turned, and on wobbly legs reached the bed where I stretched out and dozed.I felt much better after my nap. After washing up (I positively reeked of sex!), I slipped on fresh panties and bra.Now to call my Viking. His card was beside the lamp on my nightstand. I punch in his number. I hear his phone ring ? but it isn?t really his phone ringing, is it?Then ?Hello?? Lots and lots of background noise.?Hello Steve. It?s Anna.??Anna! Hey, it?s great to hear from you! I was wondering if you were going to call.? There was so much noise in the background that I could hardly understand him.?Come on Steve. It?s only Saturday. I said I?d call, so I called. Where are you? I can hardly hear what you?re saying!??I?m in a bar. Hold on, let me get outside. Hey, guys! I?ll be back!??Anna? You still there???Yes Steve, I?m still here.??There, that?s better. Can you hear me now???Yes Steve, I can hear you much better now.??Good. So, what?re you doing? I had just arrived with a bunch of my buds, and we were setting up for some foosball competition.??I?ve been doing some weekend chores and stuff.??Yeah, I?ll be doing mine tomorrow morning. Say, I have to do laundry, and I wonder if we could get together at Suds City again???Maybe. Do you always do your laundry there???No. My washer died on Monday, so until I replace it, I?ll need to wash my clothes at Suds City, then take them home to dry them.??That?s wild. My washer works, but my dryer needs to be fixed. That?s why I was there on Thursday. Say, how?s about us both saving some bucks and using my washer and your dryer???That?d be great! Can we get together tomorrow afternoon? Say about twelve thirty or one o?clock???Sounds like a plan. Give me a call when you?re ready to leave your place, and I?ll give you directions to my place. I?ll wash my laundry in the morning, then when your clothes are done, we can go to your place to dry them. OK???Sounds great Anna. I?m looking forward to seeing you again.??OK Steve. I?ll expect your call tomorrow afternoon."?Talk to you then Anna.??Bye.?¡Maldición! I guess I?ll be doing more cleaning this evening, I thought to myself. Bleah.
29 Ocak 2023, at 00:44

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