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Playtime: Chapter One

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I am out walking, do a little shopping, just in jeans and a basic tee. My long blonde hair is down and very curly today. When I get home I go in my room. I smile, thinking about the naughty thing I did today. I take off my casual tee, revealing the tight corset I have on that pushes my breasts together and up, making my shape very nice. I can feel my sensitive nipples already hard and pointy, the fabric of the travesti istanbul corset rubbing against them in just the right way. I rub my breasts through the fabric before sliding my hands down to my jeans. I slowly unbutton and unzip them like I'm putting on a show for someone. My lips painted red with lipstick curve into my sexy smile as I slowly bend over to slide off my jeans. I have on black istanbul travestileri lace panties that hug my bottom just right. They are all lace except for a small piece of fabric on the inside to cover my pussy. You can clearly see that I am completely shaved and bare down there. I stand in front of my full length mirror and look at my body. I'm not skinny but I have curves in all the right istanbul travesti places. The corset makes them very noticeable and sexy. I reach up and grab the zipper that goes down the front of the corset, slowly going inch by inch, like you are sitting there watching me. I unzip down to the bottom of my breasts, they are ready to pop out even more now. I bite my lip and smile as I look at you, your eyes begging for me to let them out. I unzip the rest of the way and let it fall to the floor. I shiver a little as I feel the cool air on my naked breasts. I take them both in my fingers and rub them, teasing them. I pinch them and they get stiffer in between my fingers.
29 Ocak 2023, at 00:45

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