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Her Black B'day Present

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Her Black B'day PresentHer Black B'day PresentIt was August 2014 and it was my wife's B'day soon and I had decided that after all the years of fantasizing about her being taken by a black man, watching as she cum so intensely while thinking about it and watching porn movies of big cocked blk guys destroying white women's pussies, mouths, and asses with their cocks that I was going to make it happen for her. I knew she didn't believe that I really wanted her to do it down deep but I knew that it made me really hard thinking of her moaning and screaming while some big cocked black man was pressing his dick deep into her and making her love it. When we had talked of her being with a black guy she had said that she really wanted to be fucked by a black but she had reservations about him touching her and her touching him and said she didn't think she could ever kiss a black man. She always said she wished she could just fuck him and not have to do anything else because she wasn't sure she could do it. I had always felt like she would enjoy having a longer, thicker cock than mine ( I was 5 inches and slender) and had told her that I bet she'd just go crazy fucking a really big cock because of knowing her the way I did and knowing how intensely she cum thinking about it while I fucked her hard. I had been talking to a guy with 8 inches that he described as thick, I later learned that was an understatement, he was very thick, as in coke can size, and his cockhead when swollen was even bigger. I arranged for him to be in a motel room the night of her birthday and we had an adjoining room and I had told her we were going dancing and then to a motel for some fun without the k**s being there so she could just let loose. The night came off without a hitch and we were entering the room when she stopped, looked around, looked in the bathroom and kind of disappointedly said, "I thought for some reason that you were going to have somebody else here tonight". I said, "No, this is for us to enjoy all alone, are you disappointed that I didn't"? No, I was really nervous cause I didn't know if I could go through with anything, but it WAS sounding better to me though. Oh well, I said as I took her in my arms and kissed her. She just melted against me and her tongue was soon entangled with mine and her hands were undoing my pants. eagerly and i could tell how much she wanted to be fucked. I helped her undress and took my clothes off as she lay down on the bed. After removing my clothes I smiled at her and said I want this to be something different and began pulling a suitcase from beneath the bed that I had placed there earlier that day. I removed some restraints and a blindfold and said, " Remember you saying you'd like to be blindfolded and tied up and teased, well honey guess what". Her only reply was to lay spread-eagled on the bed and say, "Oboy", with a big smile on her face. I tied her wrists to the headboard and then I tied each leg at her knees to the headboard also, leaving her with her knees bent and pulled somewhat to her chest, her thighs spread and open and then placed the blindfold on her and made sure she couldn't see down under it at all. I began kissing along her soft inner thighs, licking and tasting her, biting her softly all around her mound until her hips started writhing and then I said, "I think you need a little vibration dear" and I got up and went to the adjoining door and quietly opened it before getting the vibrator from the bag and returning to her. I played around with her until she was moaning, rubbing her clit softly with the vibrator, licking her gently until she was begging and then I said, "No, I think I'll let you lay there while I beat off and watch you until you beg me to make you cum. I then arose and both of us stood there with our cocks in our hands while she moaned and begged me to fuck her. My glance dropped to his cock and I was awed, I couldn't take my eyes from it, he was huge and thick and it wasn't even all the way hard yet. I knew right then she was going to love him and thoughts entered my mind about if she would still love me after being fucked by his cock. I wanted to say no I can't go through with this, but a part of me was so hot that I had to see him fuck her, I couldn't spend the rest of my life wondering how it might have been and I motioned for him to proceed. I watched as he lowered his face to her pussy, the first man to touch her since we married, his blackness contrasting so much against her white skin and my cock hardened even more. He began licking her clit, tonguing her pussy, taking her to the brink of orgasm and then stopping, kissing her breasts, licking her nipples as she pulled at her restraints, wanting to grasp his head and pull him to her need but unable to, all she could do was moan and beg to be fucked. Her chest was raising and falling quickly with her hurried breathing, her hips rolling in circles, hunching, thighs gripping his body against her tightly, moaning, pleading for him to make her cum while thinking it was me. He returned to lick her clit a minute and then he rose to his knees and with a glance at me and a smile on his face he began running his cockhead along her slit, smearing her profuse wetness over his glans before positioning it at her entrance and starting to press into her. OH GOD!, she screamed, It feels so big like this, oh damn, oh damn, it hurts, IT HURTS, DON'T, DON'T STOP, OH DAMN I LOVE IT! as he pushed deeper into her. It was then I removed the blindfold and she saw him between her thighs, No, No, she yelled, oh god, and she had a look in her eyes as she looked up at me like she couldn't believe I was allowing this. Soon, as her hips hunched up into his big cock her look was as if she was begging my forgiveness for the way she couldn't help but enjoy his fucking her.. I could tell she was totally absorbed in the feelings he was causing inside her, her hips hunched feverishly as she pulled at her restraints, her eyes on his body, his black body as she lifted her head to look down at his cock, of which he still had over half left to fuck into her. Seeing his huge dick while feeling him fucking her seemed to just ignite her fires and she closed her eyes and began saying, "Yes! Yes! Fuck me, Fuck me with that big black dick...aarrrghhhhgoddddd. She screamed as he began to fill her with his thick meat, her eyes were open wide in amazement as he continued to fuck his pole deeper and deeper into her until she began cumming, her whole body shook and trembled, her head tossed around wildly and she kept bingöl escort begging him not to stop, not ever to stop, to fuck her harder, faster, don't stop, PLease don't stop she pleaded. At one point she screamed she'd never felt a dick so big and good as his was before and then as if remembering I was there her eyes found mine and screamed for forgiveness but the next second he thrust hard into her and while looking straight into my eyes said "Oh damn fuck me, I love your dick, oh god I want to feel it all, fuck me, please, don't ever stop.fuckmeforeveriiieeeeeooouuuuuaaarrrggghhhhhOO OHHHHHHGGODDI walked over and untied one hand and placed my cock in it and she looked up at me and I smiled to let her know I understood and she began cumming, cumming intensely as he fucked her hard, pounding his cock into her, the sound of his body meeting hers making a slapping sound as he stretched her pussy and she begged him to hurt her to fuck her her pussy harder, even harder, her cumming intensifying till she screamed, "OH GOD I CAN"T STOP!..... OH GOD I LOVE IT!..... DON"T STOP!....... PLEASE DON"T STOP and let go of me to grasp him. I untied all her restraints and she seemed to melt into him her hips hunching hard into his most fierce thrusts, her thighs over his, pulling herself up to his cock as he fucked her. At first you could tell she had inhibitions about touching him but after a few more trembling orgasms she had her hands on his ass pulling him into her, begging him to fuck her, to cum in her pussy, crying out how she wanted to feel him cum in her pussy. Lifting up he rolled her over and placed her on her hands and knees and placed his cock at her entrance as she pushed back into him begging, put it back, fuck me, don't stop, give it to me, begging for his dick like she'd never begged me before and for some reason it made me so hot knowing how into his cock she was, my own cock throbbed and I stroked it as I realized that she craved his dick, she didn't ever want him to take it from her. Right then he rammed his cock into her pussy like a spear, thrust it in to his nuts in one hard thrust and she screamed, her head shot up, her mouth was open but no sound came forth, her eyes were wide as if she were in intense pain, but, when her breath returned she reached back and began pulling him into her crying "YES, OH DAMN YES, DO IT....FUCK....IT.....OH BABY FUCK IT HARD, I'M CUMMMIIINNNNGGGGGG Oh damn, it just don't stop, it feels better and better......oohhhhaaarrgghhIIIEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE and she began pushing and pulling her pussy along his cock, fucking him hard, ramming back onto his gargantuan length of meat as he just held it there. I swear it was as if she was possessed, under the spell of the intense pleasure in her body and unable to comprehend any thought because of the pleasure flooding her mind. A look of intense pain on her face but she couldn't stop pushing him to her depths, making her pussy hurt and moaning her delight at the pain she felt. She put her shoulders on the bed and pushed hard into him and i could tell she loved the feeling as her pussy slid along his thick shaft. The sight of his cock fucking her, her pussy stretched so tightly around him and the obvious pleasure she felt as he stroked her walls, each inch of them caressed and rubbed so hard and her reaction to those feelings had me near cumming so I grabbed her hair and pulled her to her hands and knees and positioned myself so I could fuck her mouth while he rammed to his balls in her pussy. My actions excited her even more and she began sucking my cock frienziedly, like she wanted to eat my cum. She sucked me like she'd never in 38 years sucked me, her mouth flying up and down my knob and pushing me into her throat and moaning like she loved it. My cock was in her throat when she started cumming, screaming, her words bubbling around my dick, choking her as he began fucking her hard and fast and I knew she was feeling him swell in preparation to cumming. I fucked her a few more strokes and shot my load onto her tongue as she greedily sucked me, my legs seemed to give out as she sucked me bending me at the waist the thrills she gave me were so intense and she was still cumming and just then he rammed into her so hard he lifted her ass up and her knees left the bed and she jerked from me and screamed, "DOIT OH GOD CUMBABY IFEEL IT YES! YES! and she pressed back into him for a second and then her eyes got wide and she looked like she was being killed and she screamed out stutteringly TOO MUCH!..... OH NO, OH....GOD.... IT... HURTS, YES, YES DON'T STOP, FILL IT...FILL IT BABY....I FEEL IT....SOOO HOT OOOHHHHHH and then her body began shaking, an uncontrollable trembling that coursed through her whole being and every time he hunched hard into her she'd shake more. I thought he'd take a break but instead he began fucking her fast and hard while his dick was swollen from cumming and she went crazy. He grabbed her by the hair and held her as he fucked her, bottomed his cock in her pussy and just hunched hard into her, pounding her clit with his ballsac as he hunched and she couldn't stop cumming, her head was floundering in his grasp her eyes on me as her body shook with delight as she came over and over. He grasped her by her shoulders and really began fucking her in long hard strokes then and she moaned aloud, "oh damn Jack, thank you baby thank you for letting me fuck him, oh god baby I love his dick I love black cock baby, god he's so big, I'm so full baby, oh no, oh god, I can't stop cumming on his dick baby. I then went over beside her and said, "It makes me want to cum everytime you push your pussy back on his dick honey" and she just looked me in the eyes and I could see her cum boiling inside her as her hips began ramming back into his thrusts, hunching and fucking him even harder than before, my cum still dripping from her chin but she didn't care, all she seemed to care about was feeling his cock fucking her. He'd fuck her smoothly for awhile and she would moan and hunch with him but then you could just see the fires beginning to burn in her and she'd begin moaning loudly and begin pushing back into him fast and hard, her hands clenching the covers as she pressed against them to apply more pressure to his cock and she'd start cumming with a look on her face like she was dying it was so intense but her words that erupted from her mouth continued to beg him not to stop, to fuck her harder and when he did she'd scream at the top of her lungs and just go crazy fucking back bitlis escort into him as he smacked her ass and commanded her to "fuck dat dick! Don't you stop slut, fuck dat dick good!" and his words seemed to drive her like she had to obey him and fuck his big cock and she'd drive back onto him until she'd cum so intensely she couldn't move, just press back into him as he hunched hard into her spasming pussy, her hand flailing wildly until he'd ram deep into her and then she'd reach back and grab his thigh and pull at him, her body shaking violently and her voice like a shriek, high in frequency, unable to voice a word just a jumbled mouthing of sounds, moans and YES!, oh god YES! and then more shrieking moans until he pushed her down on the bed and straddled her thighs and really pounded her pussy deep and hard while her hands flailed and her knees bent, ankles pushing against his ass. Her fingers would grip the edge of the bed, knuckles white, she was gripping so hard as he punished her pussy but she loved it, begged him not to ever stop, pleading with him to give her all of it, to ram it in her hard, begged him to fuck her pussy, to fuck her forever. He'd fuck her till she was cummin and then ask her who's pussy it was and when she didn't answer and turned her head to look at me almost in tears, her eyes begging me to understand, he began fucking her as hard as he could and asked again, "who's pussy is it" she could only look me in the eyes and say "YOURS, OH GOD MY PUSSY'S YOURS FUCK IT, FUCK ME, PLEASE DON'T STOP, FUCK MY PUSSY!! And she'd push her ass up so hard she'd lift him off the bed while he pummeled her deep and hard, her fists clenching the sheets and a look on her face like she would die if it didn't stop and then her eyes would grow wide and she'd push with her hands, holding herself while he pressed into her and she's be moaning, "yes, do it, cum in my pussy baby, I want your dick to cum, oh god yes, YES, oh damn and her hand slapped back against his thigh and she shrieked as he drove his cum deep inside her, groaning, telling her to, " fuck my dick slut, milk it, that's it, your hubby don't cum like that does he?" and she screamed, "NO, NO!, he's never fucked me this good, I love you fucking my pussy, cum baby that's it don't stop, give me all of it baby, ohhhhhhhhh damnnnnnn I lovEEEEEEITTT and her hands were being held up in front of her and her thighs were squeezing tight on his cock, her mouth open, eyes wide open and trembling all over as he lifted her hips with his hands and drove into her deeply, fucking her like a rag doll, pulling her pussy to and fro on his dick as he fucked her harder than I've ever seen anyone fucked, his cock huge as he withdrew to the tip and then rammed it back in her to his nuts and ground it in deep, hunching hard as he held her to it, fucking her pussy deeply and she loved it so much she just hung there, her ass off the bed, not kneeling but being held up by his cock and his hands, as he pummeled her and the look on her face could only be described as pure unadulterated bliss. Both her hands were held back on his hands, holding them as he held her hips, her face turned sideways on the bed and she just submitted to his desires, just lay there cumming over and over as he continued to fuck her until he flipped her on her back and began eating her pussy until her ass was lifted off the bed, cumming so hard she just shook and shook, moaning oh god, oh god, no more, no more and he put a finger in her ass and she began cumming again as he sucked her clit hard, both hands holding his head as she cum for what seemed five minutes until she flung her upper body to the sheets and he again placed his still hard cock in her pussy again. His cockhead was as big as an orange, a big orange, and his shaft was almost as thick and just watching it disappear into her pussy, hearing the love and satisfaction in her moans as he pushed ever deeper, seeing her body moving of it's own volition, her unable to restrain herself, her inhibitions totally gone as she fucked up into his thrusts, her heels pulling her up to his thrusts, both their bodies moving in unison, fucking as if they had been lovers for years, her arms reaching up to him, pulling him down onto her and then her submission complete her lips finding his and she kissed him deeply, her hips moving quicker as her actions dawned in her mind and she realized she was doing something she had always said she couldn't and he fucked her, fucked her deeply as they kissed, moans welling in her throat, muffled as he pressed deeply into her, her hands squeezing his body nails digging into his skin as the intensity of her orgasm continuously increased until her hands were on her ankles pulling his ass into her as her heels were placed on each of his asscheeks, straining to feel each wonderful inch of his rock hard cock forced into her while spasms raced through her, causing her body to tremble as he increased the speed and force of his thrusting until she was screaming for him to fuck her, her voice filled with incredulous awe at how deep he continued to fuck her, begging him to fuck her everyday, forever, telling him her pussy was his whenever he wanted it, to just call, that she'd do anything he wanted her to. And when he said he might make her fuck all his friends, she just seemed to ignite, begging him to fuck her hard, getting hotter and hotter with each of his words, hunching her pussy into his dick while saying, "yes, yes, I'll fuck them all baby, anything, just fuck me, fuck me, make me cum, please make me cum on your big dick.......oh god yes make me fuck them all baby...make me suck the cum out of their cocks while Jack watches.......fuck me baby....fuck me while Jack watches me cum on your big dick....oh damn yeah....I like cumming on your dick while Jack sees me....I love it...oh god I'm cumming...fuck me, do it...DO IT!...Oh Jack....watch me baby watch me cum on his big dick .....aaaaaeeeeiiiiiiioouuuu.......oh damn I'm glad you got him to fuck me...aarrrrggghhhhhhhhaaaargggghhhgodddddd.he's so damned good....god I'm sorry Jack but I've never cum this good before....I love his dick baby....watch me baby..ohhhhhhhhhhhhhhhshitttttttttttttttt...You were right Jack.....I love Black cock....YES I LOVE HIS COCK LOVE IT do it! do it! oh damn baby it just keeps gettin better and bigger and bigger YES, YES, CUM OH GOD BABY I LOVE HIM TO CUM IN MY PUSSY, oh damn, oh damn, yessssssiiiieieeeeeeee and she grabbed the headboard as his ass pushed forward and I knew by the çanakkale escort look on her face that he was swollen huge inside her as he forced it all as deep as possible to unload his scalding jism right where she begged him to. I could see the various stages of pain, awe, and wonderful pleasure etched on her face as she cum, and the force he exerted when he hunched sporadically into her with each spurt of his cum as it jetted from his tip amazed me that she could withstand such an assault on her small pussy and really love it so much it made her cum so intensely. And when suddenly he withdrew from her pussy and rose to straddle her waist, his swollen huge glans at her mouth and ordered her to suck it and she greedily forced him into her wide-open mouth I was shocked as she never did that to me. Her head twisted and worked on his cock-head as if she wanted to devour it, as if she adored it, it was her god. Her eyes kept glancing up at his face as if to ascertain she was pleasing him. Then he pushed her head against the headboard and began fucking her mouth as she gasped, his hand holding her hair as he fucked in and out, using her, just fucking her mouth and to my amazement she loved it, sucked at his cock, choked, tried to move her head up and down but he controlled her movements as he fucked her and my cock was as hard as a rock and the sight of him using my wife my soulmate and her eagerly trying to please him was for some reason so damn hot. His long cock so hugely thick and black fucking into her white face, her tears in her eyes but still mouthing his cock, her moans very evident as she mumbled them around his swollen dick and her arousement evidenced by her hand swiftly rolling her clit, fingers probing her now splayed pussy, coated with her juices when she would grab his cock and he'd tell her to suck that pussy juice off his dick and she'd lick and suck all over his shaft very energetically until he'd begin fucking her mouth again. And when he was about to cum he ordered her to open her mouth and he shot a tremendous load onto her tongue and then pushed his cockhead into her and ordered her to suck it and I blew a nut right then cause she has never been able to swallow cum, it made her sick and this was now the second time she did it to him. Seeing his cum leaking out of her mouth as he fucked it and knowing he was shooting more cum into her and she was greedily sucking and swallowing as much as possible had my cock erupting over and over and when her eyes fell on me and saw me cumming she jerked her head away and screamed FUCK ME! FUCK ME NOW! And he smiled and looked at me and dropped down and rammed his dick in her and began fucking her hard and fast, her eyes never left me and my dick was still feeling good and I just continued to stroke it, moved closer to her so she could watch and then placed her hand on my cum coated rod and she began cumming, going really crazy on his dick, demanding him to fuck her as hard as he could and he did, every stroke of his dick moved her whole body, lifted her, and she cum intensely for what seemed forever until she raised up and began sucking me, I mean sucking hard on my dick while her moans bubbled up from her lungs and he continued to fuck her hard. She squeezed me hard so as not to lose her grasp on me as he fucked her and used her tongue and soon I was so hot I felt more cum shooting up my shaft as she actually sucked it from me. My hands found her head and I began fucking her mouth as he had and she screamed around my cock and both her hands grasped his body and she began hunching into his dick as I fucked her mouth and I believe she had the best cum of her life right then as we fucked both ends of her. Drained I let loose of her head and she licked the cum from her lips and it seemed to cause her pussy to thrill or something because she pulled him down and kissed him with our cum smeared on her face, he shyed at first but when she forcefully pulled herself up to his face and kissed him he seemed to relent and kissed her and soon he was hammering his cum into her again as she gazed at me and I could tell that she was blackened for life by the way she pulled him to her as he cum and tensed herself as the first of his eruptions was felt deep in her sloppy pussy. But something in the way she looked at me, her eyes conveyed so much love for me, and even though she was cumming better than I could ever make her on a dick bigger than I would ever have I knew for positive that we were still soul mates.They took a short break and he continued to fuck her for another two and a half hours and she enjoyed every second as much as the first moment he entered her. I've never seen her crave a man's cock like she did his. That's the only way to say it, she craved it, wanted it in her pussy every second, wanted to feel her pussy cumming on it forever and would do anything it took to accomplish that end. He would crawl off her and talk to me for a few seconds and she'd be sucking his cock until he had to fuck her again or he'd roll off and lay on his back while taking a drink of water and she'd climb on top of him and begin fucking him and make herself cum on his cock maybe two or three times before he'd put a hand on her and really fuck her again. She begged him to stay and fuck her all night but he had to be at work at six so around 12:00 midnight we finally split up. She kissed him good-by lingeringly and deeply in the parking lot and didn't care who saw her do it. As we got in the car to go home, I said "Happy Birthday Honey" and she snuggled up against me and said "Thats the best B'day present you ever gave me, I can't wait for Valentine's Day, and Mother's Day, and Christmas and maybe even Father's Day and your B'day too!!" " I think I've created a black cock slut" I said while smiling. Her only reply was "YEP, I really loved it, now I'm mad you waited 38 years to let me have it"Her girl friends at work the next day told her she was walking like something was wrong and she had a freshly fucked smile on her face and wanted to know what she'd been doing. Laughing, all she'd say was that, "Jack took me to a motel last night". It was a week before I could have sex with her because she was so sore but I bet she'd have fucked him at anytime if he called and asked, sore or not. I told her that and she'd only smile and say, "Yeah I really love his dick." Sadly a week later he moved to CA. She is still looking for a replacement and has cum on a few black cocks while looking for the right one. I think now that she is enjoying the search so much that it really doesn't matter if she finds that one guy with the humongous hard cock and the staying power of hercules as long as she can keep cumming while a black man pumps his cock in her pussy while I watch the two of them, or join as the occasion calls for...grin..
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