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Bi-Curious Don

Post #1

I'd been participating in a chat site called "Blue Chat" for about two years. Later in my life, I discovered an interest in other guys when I found erotic solo pictures of some guys really exciting. I was happily married to a wonderful woman but I still found myself thinking sensual thoughts about guys early in the morning when I was alone. One morning, on a quick impulse, I joined the Blue Chat after I discovered they had an active bi group. I soon found myself checking it every day, reading many posts, and posting some myself. While there were all types of members, and I wasn't into things that many guys seemed to be into, there were many bi-curious guys like me.I was always honest in my posts, about my age (sixty), my marital status, and my lack of experience but interest, including in perhaps trying oral? While I found a few chatters who sounded similar to me, most were younger or into things that I hadn't contemplated. And then the few that did seem to have similar interests lived a long way away.The more posts I read, pictures I downloaded, and time I spent daydreaming, the more I began to think I'd really like to have an adventure. I began to actively search for guys kinda similar to me who lived within an hour or two's drive. Eventually, I started an active chat with a married guy named Ron about five years younger than me who lived eighty miles away. He'd had an experience before ? when another guy went down on him quickly. He said he wanted to try giving another guy oral now. We chatted about our thoughts and daydreams. He asked me if I wanted to meet up in person.We met at a restaurant to get to know each other.* Ron seemed fine and was interested in meeting for a play time.* We decided to meet at an inexpensive motel room between our towns.* Excited, I found and rented the room.* Five days later, I felt really excited driving to the motel. Amazingly, I was going to actually touch and play around with another guy's nakedness for the first time! Maybe I'd go down on him. He'd said he wanted to go down on me too. This was all going to actually happen, after thinking about it for so long!I was at the room fifteen minutes early. I thought excitingly about how I might be feeling about the front of Ronnie's briefs in maybe just a half hour. But after a half hour, I was still in the room alone. No messages on my phone. Thirty minutes after the appointed time I went outside to see if Ronnie was around somewhere but perhaps confused about which room it was. Was that Ronnie's car? How about that one driving up?I heard a car parking outside of the room some twenty more minutes later. Ronnie emerged and we smiled at each other. Inside the room, Ronnie moaned how it was further than he'd expected. Then his cell rang. It was his wife. He mumbled something and completed the call.I'd bought a couple of donuts and muffins, and offered some to Ronnie. He wasn't interested. He looked at me standing. He began unceremoniously to undo my belt. He took down my zipper and then pulled my jeans and underpants both down. He began to gently touch around my cock, which hardened quickly. "You're really nice here," he told me looking up into my face.Ronnie's cell phone rang again. It was his wife again. He said something with frustration and ended the call. He took off his shirt and came to stand near me where I was sitting on the edge of the bed. I slowly undid Ronnie's belt, feeling excitement re-emerging. I touched along the front of Ronnie's pants, finding the clear, intriguing shape of a boner. I unzipped Ronnie's pants, took them down, and gazed at Ronnie's boxers. Soon I had them off and was putting* Ronnie?s excited boner in my mouth.This was an amazing new sensation! The feeling of Ronnie's smooth umbrella tip on my tongue and the hard sides of his boner against my wet lips was incredibly sensuous and thrilling! I moved Ronnie's boner gently in and out, enjoying the feeling.The phone rang again. Ronnie didn't answer it. I got back into the marvelous play with Ronnie's cool boner. He began to lightly push his boner in my mouth, pull it outwards, and push it in again. We picked up the pace. Then Ronnie began to cum with a loud whimper. His sticky load surprised me. But I stuck with it, swallowing. Ronnie's whimpering soon stopped and he stepped back."Wow, Randy, that was awesome!" he told me, smiling. I smiled back, feeling a little overwhelmed but happy."But most unfortunately, the upshot of those fucking phone calls is that I have to go. I'm already late. The wife is pissed," he told me, already starting to get dressed as I looked at him in disbelief, sitting with no pants on the edge of the bed. Randy looked at me. "I'm really sorry!" he said.Ronnie left.* I was still shocked.* I mean, ?Really?? I gently jerked myself off, needing to relieve the pent-up excitement.* I felt used, disappointed, and angry.* I took the donuts and checked out.On the drive home, I was still shaking my head.* But then I thought about how I had at least had an opportunity to try out my fantasy and touch and go down on another guy.* And I had earned that I liked it.Ronnie sent me emails, but I only answered once, deciding I had no interest in seeing that guy again.********I returned to chatting on Blue Chat.* I was warier, but I wanted to try oral again, both giving and receiving.* Over the next couple of months, I had some friendly and interesting chats, but no suitable opportunity arrived until I got to know ?Sailor Bob.?I gathered from his posts that Sailor Bob had had quite a few bi experiences, but only one-on-one with solo guys and focused on oral.* He asked about me and I told him about my one experience.* He was aghast and said he was sorry to hear I?d started out with something like that.Sailor Bob told me that he was retired and had an ocean-faring sailing boat.* He lived in Florida and traveled up and down the east coast and the Caribbean for fun.* He?d been divorced and single for at least a decade.* He was older than me.* He told me he wasn?t much of a lady?s man anymore but occasionally met up with gerçek porno a guy.One evening, Sailor Bob told me he was embarking on a sail north and would be docking for a day or so near me.* Was I interested in meeting?* Maybe having lunch?* If I was up for it, I could visit his boat.* We might even consider some oral playing together if we wanted.I found myself in the marina restaurant with Bob soon after.* ?Great to see you made it!? Bob exclaimed when he saw me, with a genuine, happy spirit in his eyes.* I sat down and he immediately began telling me about the restaurant and the marina.* He?d been here before.* He was glad to be embarking on another trip, although he said it would be his last for now as he planned on selling his boat once he got to Maine.He asked how I was and I told him how life was good.* He was curious about my little farm, which I tended part-time.* I liked the guy.* He seemed like he was interested in everything.* He also seemed open and considerate.* When I glanced at my watch I saw we?d been talking for almost an hour.Bob notice my glance.* ?Would you like to see my boat?? he asked.?Sure,? I told him.* ?Sounds great.?* After a moment, I added how I didn?t know much about sailing boats, but I was interested after all he?d talked about his sailing.* Maybe he hadn?t been implying anything about any adventures, it occurred to me.* Bob nodded and smiled.* He told me it was too bad that he couldn?t take me out today because the weather was beginning to look more like rain.* But at least he could give me a tour.After a tour and talk on deck, my curly-headed friend showed me the hold downstairs, including its kitchen top and cushioned bench seats covering one side.* I used the small bathroom after he showed me how to flush it.Emerging from the head, I found Bob standing in the room.* He gazed at me.?Should we take off our clothes?? he asked me.* I was taken aback by the sudden directness.* I looked into his inquisitive face and saw that he clearly was hoping we would.?OK,? I answered, feeling kinda nervous.My nervousness turned to serious excitement once we were both naked.* Bob looked fit and was tan except for where his shorts had been.* His circumcised penis hung gently, semi-hard.* I also noticed how he looked at me with interest, including at my cock, which was beginning to harden as I looked at him.?You look really attractive without clothes on,? he told me.* He came closer.* He looked into my face and began gently touching my nakedness.* That made me harden more.* I saw him glance directly there with interest.* He knelt down in front of me, played gently around my boner with his fingertips, and put my aroused tip in the front of his mouth.* He played gently with my hard boner around and around his mouth and then looked up at me with an excited smile.?You?re really really nice here,? Bob told me, playing lightly up and down my shaft and around my balls. He then licked up my eager shaft and put my excited tip into the wetness of his mouth again.* It felt awesome!Soon I?d also found* Bob?s semi-erect cock.* Excited, I put his intriguing, slightly curved boner in my mouth and was thrilled by the unique, sexy sensation.We played back and forth. * I was astonished by how much Bob seemed to like to go down on me and how that turned me on even more.* As he sunk my boner further into his mouth and moved it more vigorously in and out I could feel an amazing climax coming.* I began to cum in his mouth, thinking for a second that I should pull back, but he continued unabated.* I came hard and freely into the warm wetness.* Bob took everything.* Then he looked up at me smiling.I loved returning the favor.* Something about sucking Bob?s naked boner was utterly marvelous. I played happily with his tip in my mouth for a long time.* When he finally came, I tasted the sweet-saltiness, but less than with Ron.We sat for a good while in our underpants talking later.* Bob told me he thought my naked manhood was especially beautiful and he?d really liked going down on me. I told him that this was the first time another guy had done it to me and it had been great. I?d enjoyed going down on him too, I told him.* He said the thought I was especially good at that.It was a shame that it didn?t look like Bob would be coming through here again!********Reinvigorated by the awesome adventure with Bob, I returned to Blue Chat, hoping that further adventures might be in the making.* I was really into it.* I had loved both going down on Bob and his keen attention to me.* I searched for bi-curious and bisexual guys within several hundred miles.* I sent texts.* I monitored every day.* I got a few replies and had a few chats.* I traded a few pictures.* Nothing was happening fast but I was still hopeful.* I sent more texts to a wider geographic circle.* I got a few more replies and struck up some friendly back in forth with some, even though it was highly unlikely we?d be able to meet up.After about three months I?d learned a lot?including about some of the stranger things that some guys were into.* I?d made cyber friends with a handful of fellows, mostly bi-curious guys with little experience but interests, especially in going down on another guy.* I'd had a series of friendly and interesting chats.* I'd told the story of my two little adventures several times.I found there were a few interested guys near me but had come close to meeting up with only one guy.* We had set a time to go for a short hike at a nearby state park.* But as the day approached he'd canceled, giving an excuse that I didn?t quite understand. * Our line of emails then went cold.I continued my efforts, although increasingly less hopeful.* I got to thinking how lucky I?d been to run into Bob.* Maybe that would be the only truly awesome time I would have with this new bi thing.* I wasn?t getting any younger.* I tried out two more websites.* One was a total bust.* The second was better and I had some nice chats there too.* On Blue Chat I befriended a new guy who lived about a hundred miles gay porno away.* He?d had a mild experience a few years ago.* He wanted to try oral with a guy.We texted and emailed about that.* We also emailed back and forth about our regular lives and jobs.* He was a small engine mechanic.* He always answered my emails and was friendly.* Eventually, I mentioned the idea that we might meet each other.* I could do the driving.* But I found he was always busy somehow.* Gradually that email line went cold too.I quit my active participation in the websites.* It?d become too frustrating.* I told myself that I should be happy that I?d at least been able to try out playing with another guy.* I could retreat, enjoying my regular life and the great erotic pictures I was collecting during my quiet time.This lasted about half a year.* But after daydreaming about going down on Bob on the boat, and with blood racing from looking at pictures showing the excitement of guy nakedness, I signed back up for Blue Chat again.* I made another concerted effort, changing my profile, searching, and texting.After about a week, I got a message back from a fellow calling himself ?Curious Andy."* He lived in Milwaukee, a long way away.* I'd noticed that he was new to the site and had sent him a welcome message."Thanks for the welcome, Reggie77 from Maryland," he wrote me.* "Yes, I?m new to the site. I'm actually new to both talking with others about bi things and chat websites.* I?ve only had a couple of messages from others so far.* How are you doing???I?m doing fine here this Saturday morning," I answered.* "It looks to be a nice spring day and hopefully, I can spend most of it outside minding my farm and getting ready to plant veggies.* What are you curious about, Curious Andy???Lots of things!* I?m curious about bi things. I have never tried anything, but think maybe it would be exciting.* I?m curious what bi guys are like.* I?m curious how websites like this work.* I?m not sure about the whole thing, but joined out of??.curiosity.?I sent Andy a smiley face.* I added, ?I am no expert, but I?ve tried this website for about a year.* I?ve made a few cyber friends and learned a lot.* I also met up with two guys and had a couple of exploring adventures.* I found that guys are into all kinds of things, some of which are more intense than I might venture into.* It seems that some guys join and then don?t participate much, while others are more active.??Thanks for the reply, R77, and for helping me understand.* I?d like to learn more.* Is it OK to message you again??"Sure!* I?m often looking around the website this time in morning.* Nice to have met you!??Likewise!?The next morning I found another message from ?Curious Andy.'?Good morning, RD!* I hope you had a productive and nice day yesterday.* I started fixing up my small boat for the summer.* I live close to Lake Michigan.* It?s still cold, but I have a lot to do!?Being curious, I?ve been wondering what your exploring adventures were like," Don continued.*"Did you like them?* But please?if you don?t want to get into it, that?s OK!* I understand it?s pretty personal.?I wrote back about my two different days.* Andy replied, telling me how appalled he was by the behavior and circumstances of the first guy but sent a smiley face about the second adventure.?I certainly have no regrets and am especially glad for the experience with the Sailor guy.? I continued.* ?What kind of things do you think you?re interested in???I?m not really sure.* I certainly would love to touch around an undressed guy if he?d enjoy that.* I might like to try oral too.* It makes me excited sometimes thinking about going down on another guy.??Well, I certainly liked both of those, and especially trying oral.* Both giving and receiving.* I?m not really interested in other things like penetration though.??Cool."Our discussion moved on to other things.* We talked about each other?s plans for the day.* ?Curious Andy,? told me his real name was Don and I told Don my real name too.* I told him how I was happily married and how my interest in guys was a discrete thing.We exchanged emails back and forth several more mornings. We?d agreed to use our own email addresses now, rather that using the site, as it was more convenient. On the weekend, I found a longer email from Don.?I realized that I?d never told you much about myself, while you?ve been so open with me.* I was happily married until five years ago, when my wife sadly died of a long illness.* I buried myself in my work and then increasingly spent time on my boat.* I haven?t felt the desire to explore any possibilities with other women (and doubt that I?d have much success if I tried).* I have gotten into erotic pictures, though, and in the process found that I was attracted to guys? nudity and the idea of going down on a guy.* To be frank, I?ve dreamed of what it might be like to give oral to a desiring guy for years now.* I don?t know if I?ll ever have an actual opportunity, but I sure would like to try it!??After I discovered my interest in other guys, I remembered how another boy in the neighborhood and I used to touch each other?s boners when I was a young teenager.* I?d liked that.* But the other boy soon decided it wasn?t cool.* I never thought about other guys again until just the last few years.* But now it excites me a lot.* That?s why I joined the site, even if I really know nothing about bi things.??I?ve really enjoyed hearing about your experiences and your friendly emails this last week.* Thanks, Randy.* Curious Don.?I wrote back right away.* ?Thanks for your email, Don.* Cool that you?ve re-found interest in other guys.* You know, I also got interested in guys from pictures too. It's a new thing to me, but I?ve found playing around and thinking about or doing oral play is really exciting.* Glad to hear that the idea excites you too.* Are you interested in receiving as well as giving to another guy?* I liked both.??Nice to hear back from you, Randy.* Yes, I think receiving could be exciting too evli porno as well as giving.?We moved on to other topics again.* Over the next several weeks, we exchanged emails often?maybe four times a week.* Don seemed very appreciative?he always thanked me for answering.* I enjoyed finding his messages during my morning quiet time.* Typically we just chatted about our recent days, but Don also asked me questions about bi things and what I thought about them.One morning I asked Don if he?d messaged with any guys closer to him that he might be able to meet.?Not really,? he answered. ?I exchanged emails with one guy outside of Milwaukee.* But I soon got the impression that he was into things that I wasn?t much interested in.* Actually, I?m very unsure about meeting up with random guys.* I feel strong desire for a true adventure, but also wary of meeting up with anyone I don?t know.* I haven?t emailed anyone as much as you.??I?m really glad to have gotten to know you these weeks," Don continued. * "Otherwise maybe this website thing wouldn?t have been very interesting.??I?ve enjoyed our messaging too!? I wrote back.Another morning, after Don had been answering my questions about my boat, he sent me a picture of himself standing on the deck.* He indeed looked about my age, but bigger and rounder, with a large tummy.*I sent Don a picture of myself standing in the woods.* Then, on a strange impulse, I added a selfie I?d taken months back with me standing inside with only underpants on.* The picture showed my open front as I looked up at my cell phone held about my head.* An obvious boner showed in the front of my white cotton underpants.Don didn?t reply.* I began thinking that I shouldn?t have sent the picture. But after half an hour or so, I saw a new message from him.?Thanks for sending the pictures.* You?re a nice-looking guy and in a heck of a lot better shape than me.* It?s great to put a face to the message-writer.??And you look totally exciting without your shirt and pants.* You can?t imagine how much my pulse races gazing at the enchanting shape in the front of your underpants!* Is it OK to say that??* He followed this with a blushing smiley face.I smiled and went hard.?I?m glad you liked the pictures, Don.* I liked your cheerful picture as well and how I can now put a face to you too.* And it totally thrilled me to hear that you felt some kind of excitement at the more revealing picture!?Don sent another emoji, this time of a happy smiley face.We continued our messages through the weekend.* Don was clearly busy with his boat but still replied to every message I sent.The next week I received a routine invitation to make a presentation at a conference in Chicago.* I?d received notice before and now the organizers wanted to know if I was in or out.* They would pay for my hotel room.* I?d gone once before.* It was one of those general marketing/networking events that I supposed I needed to participate in once in a while, but it was unlikely to be very interesting.Normally I?d pass, but I thought of how close the venue in northern Chicago was to Milwaukee.* I could write off the plane ticket.* My pulse raced at the possibility of maybe meeting up with Don.* I drafted a message.?Hey, Don.* I found out today that I will need to visit Chicago for work April 3-4.* On the off-chance that you might be interested and your schedule allows, it occurs to me it might be possible for you and me to meet in person for a little while.* My hotel will be on the north side and I could go up towards Milwaukee. * We could at least have a drink and shoot the breeze, and maybe something further if you?d like.* But I know you?ve got lots going on with the boat right now.* I also hope I?m not being too forward??I paused.* I erased ?maybe something further.?* I knew Don was pretty conservative and introverted.* But hadn't he sounded interested?* I put the words back and my pulse picked up as I hit send.* Wouldn?t ?something further? be nice?I looked for replies often over the next few hours but nothing came.* Then, after dinner, I saw a new message in bold in my email box from Don. I opened it excitedly.I saw an emoji face of excited surprise and an open mouth.* ?Thanks for thinking of me, Bob.? (Ever the gracious Don!) ?I?d sure like to see if we could make a visit together work!?Wonderful!* I wrote back right away.* ?I?ll be at the Hyatt North Shore.* I have a business meeting at 7 pm on April 3.* If I come up to Milwaukee, where might we be able to meet???I can come down your way, if you?re up for it,"* Don replied. "We could have a drink in the bar there or some other place near, perhaps.* It?s an easy drive for me.?We set up to meet at the hotel bar at two o?clock.* I booked my ticket with a bit of time to spare.Still, almost a week away, I found myself thinking constantly about how much I?d like to be Don?s first adventure.* Would that truly be a possibility, or would we just chat in the bar?* I wrote him boldly, wanting to have some idea.?I?m looking forward to our meeting Wednesday a lot.* It?ll be nice to see you after these two months!* I also feel excited about the possibility of ?something further?.* But how about you??I waited longer than usual in the early morning for a reply, but it arrived.?You know, Randy, I am 65 and have not lost many pounds of late.* I guess I truly am an old timer and a quite round one at that.* It would be great to see you and have a drink/chat.* But please don?t feel pressured for us to have follow up?.?My heart sank.* My fear had been that Don might have misgivings, second thoughts, or otherwise be unable to face the reality of being with another guy, despite all the fantasies and talk.* I had seen it before. I sighed, feeling deeply disappointed.* But I didn?t want an adventure to not happen just because of a misunderstanding.* So I sent another message.?Well, I?m not a spring chicken.* We?re both old-timers.* But we can smile at that, I think!* Old timers are great!* Long live old timers!?I pushed the send button earlier than I wanted to, by mistake.* I immediately added a follow-up.?And no, I don?t feel pressure about follow-ups.* I certainly don?t want you to feel pressure either?it?s OK to not go there.* But if you find you are up for visiting my room after a drink and chat, please know that I would be excited about that."
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