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w0odwizard - ait Kullanıcı Resmi (Avatar)
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Jasmine moves on (part two) by the w0odwizard

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Konu w0odwizard tarafından (17 Ekim 2022 Saat 00:29 ) değiştirilmiştir.

The story so far...
Jasmine asks me to let her use my house for an assignation; and I stay hidden so I can watch!

The next day at twelve forty-five, I settled on the stool in my double wardrobe, and pulled the doors closed. With a little jiggling, the lock located in the brass mortise, and I slid up the bolt on the other door. Anyone trying the doors would find them locked, yet by only unbolting the one door, I could get out in a second.

Big box of tissues to clean up the inevitable, bottle of water to drink, empty bottle to pee in if needs be, and the view of the bed through the louvers at the top of the doors, superb. Well organised. All I needed now was Jasmine and her lover boy, and I'd got a voyeur's paradise.

I didn't have to wait long. Predictably, bang on one o clock the front door opened and I heard Jasmine say,
'It's OK, no ones here. Andy's out and he said it was OK. See....' A concerned male voice said,
'You sure? We'll be in deep shit otherwise....he'll think we're burglars or something.'
'He wouldn't have left a key out for me would he, if it wasn't alright.' Again the male voice, still a bit anxious.
'Mm, I spose so.' Steps on the stairs, then the bedroom door opens. I stand up cautiously, and peep out of the louvers. Then I saw why Jasmine wouldn't look me in the eye. She's brought a boy along, as she said, no problem there, but the thing she kept quiet about was....

….there were two of them.

Yes. Jasmine had got two young guys with her, and was folding back the bed sheets as I stared opened mouthed at the scene before me. Unbelievable! 'Butter wouldn't melt in her mouth' Jasmine, had organised a gang bang for herself. No wonder she needed somewhere to do it! She turned to the two guys, and put a hand on each of their shoulders.
'Well, come on then, Connor, this was your idea. You gonna keep me waiting all day, or are you two gonna get naked?' Connor, it seemed, was the red haired, tall boy. The other one, smaller and plumper, as yet un named, shrugged off his jacket, undid his belt and dropped his trousers.

Connor, however, got busy with Jasmine, hands up her skirt pulling down her knickers. Plump boy got hold of her T shirt and pulled it up and over her head. Brown skin exposed, white bra shining. Connor stripped off his sweat shirt, dropped his trousers and pants in one go and watched, sitting on the bed naked, dick stiffening, as plump boy busied himself with Jasmine's bra. Off it came, followed by plump boy's shirt.

She stepped back, and undid her skirt. She let it drop, and stood there naked as the day she was born. Plump boy, the only one wearing anything, hooked his thumbs in his pants and slid them off, a huge grin on his face, his eyes devouring Jasmine.
'Oh my God!' Squeaked Jasmine. And no wonder. Plump boy's cock was just outrageous for a teenager. As his pants went down, his cock sprang into view. It must have been at least nine inches long, thick, circumcised, bending slightly upwards and was kept company by a huge pair of very round, full to bursting, balls. There wasn't a pubic hair to be seen on him.

'There, told you so!' exclaimed Connor. 'Big as anyone's. Bet it's even bigger than your Andy's!' I went cold. She'd lied to me. She'd told him, and Plump Boy knew now as well. He spoke for the first time.

'Wow, Jazz. You're fab. I ain't never seen a girl naked, close up like, only in magazines. You're gorgeous!' He was pink in the face and his cock was, literally, twitching up and down. Jasmine was staring at it, her hands cupping her face. Rather shakily she asked him,
'So you're a virgin then, Pete?' We had a name to go with the monstrous cock now. Pete went even more pink.
'Er, yeah. You, er...are gonna do it with me then? Connor said you would, that he'd talked to you about it, 'n it was OK with you.' Jasmine, lip chewing furiously shot a look a Connor.
'Yeah, but its so big! You gotta promise to be careful with me though. Right Connor?' Connor rolled on the bed laughing.
'I did tell you he had a biggun! Now you believe me huh? Come ere, doll, come and give us a kiss!'

She stepped forward and moved across the bed on her hands and knees, giving Pete and I a great view of her bum, and her pussy. Pete took his cock in his right hand and slowly began to masturbate. We watched as Connor pulled Jasmine on top of him, locked his mouth on hers, and reaching down, pulled her legs apart. She lay face down on top of him, her legs either side of his. His cock (a much more
reasonably sized one) began to probe her, his hips moving up and down in short sharp jabs, trying to find her hole. Jasmine reached under her belly, got hold of his cock, and guided him home. She was always wet, that girl, and Connor just slid right on in.

I had my cock in my hand now, and Pete and I watched and wanked as Connor pushed up into Jasmine and began to fuck her. No finesse, just pumped away as hard as he could, his hands gripping her buttocks. She wasn't moving with him, just bracing herself against him as he slammed into her.

Pete shot a wad of sperm across my carpet. Just the one. His cock however, showed no sign of shrinking, and he didn't even pause in his masturbation.

The action on the bed lasted about a minute. Connor gave a loud groan, and arched his back, holding Jasmine clear of the bed as he came in her. He fell back and Jasmine rolled off him.

'Wicked, Jazz! Really needed that! Hey Pete, come on, she's waiting!' Jasmine looked a bit worried as Pete climbed up onto the bed. This time instead of Jasmine's superb ass and pussy, I got to see Pete's backside, and it was from the rear of him you really got to see the size of his bollocks! They hung down between his thighs, round as an orange, (a jaffa orange at that!) and they were obviously full.

He made his way to Jasmine, and she opened her thighs to welcome Goliath. She rested her heels on his back, holding his huge cock with one little brown hand, and guided her second cock in three minutes to its rightful position.
'You just be careful! Don't go shoving it in me in one bash....wait....OK....push a bit....a little bit more....again....a bit....Oh my God! It's massive! A bit more....that's it....'

Pete very carefully followed Jasmine's instructions. Inch by inch he pushed it into her, whilst she held her hands against his chest to stop any sudden, and possibly painful, influx of cock! From the confines of the cupboard I had a great view of the proceedings.
'OK, that's enough! It won't go in any further!' gasped Jasmine.
'Can I start to do it now?' from an equally breathless Pete. I never heard the reply, but he started anyway. His bum moved up and down real slow, his big cock displacing Connor's semen like a Nodding Donkey pumping oil. And what a sight!

The black of her pubic hair, the brown of her skin, then the pink of the inner part of her pussy as he pulled back, nearly turning her inside out. Then the white of Plump Pete's big dick and his huge balls. Very colourful. Mind you, the pink bits soon disappeared from view when he pushed in!

It was getting a bit noisy too.
'Oh!....Oh!....Oh!' from Jasmine. I could see that despite her statement that it wouldn't go in any further, Plump Pete was now moving quite smoothly in and out of her, his massive tool disappearing even further from sight with each stroke. In just a few strokes he managed to stretch little Jasmine's pussy enough to accommodate the whole length of his big dick. No wonder she was OOOing and AAAHHing a bit!

Pete began to raise the stakes. His pumping underwent a transformation from Nodding Donkey to slow moving steam engine. And Jasmine's OOOs kept time with him! He changed up a gear, his big cock flowing in and out faster and faster, his tight balls even began to shake. Connor, now watching from the end of the bed, was wanking furiously. He shot his load across the bed, and as he did so, Jasmine
announced her orgasm with a shriek that would have been heard across town.

Pete, on the other hand, kept on going. It was his first time, and he was obviously going to make the most of it! It seemed that his thick, curved cock was doing wonders for Jasmine. As well as filling her to capacity and a bit more, his curved cock was not only rubbing her clitoris, but deep inside, it also was massaging her 'G' spot! Hence the huge orgasm she'd just had.

Pete could not be described as a 'looker' by any stretch of the imagination. Not with his clothes on, anyway. Even naked, his spotty bum detracted somewhat from the awesome sight of his wedding tackle. So I assumed he didn't have any luck with girlfriends. Jasmine, however, seemed to be impressed. She was clinging on to him for dear life, smothering his face with kisses, and clawing at his back with her fingers. Her legs were well and truly clamped around him, and she kept on calling,
'Oh! Pete! Oh! Yes! Oh! Pete!' continuously. The effect this had on me was predictable. I shot my load all over the back of the wardrobe door.

The effect it was having on poor old Connor, was just the opposite. His once stiff dick was now pointing at the carpet and his big grin had turned into a big frown. His mate was treating his girl to the fuck of her young life and she was loving it. Not a good day by anyone's standards. Poor old Connor. Someone should have told him he shouldn't play dangerous games. He might loose! And at that point he did just that.

Jasmine wailed out long and hard as a second orgasm wracked her young body. Plump Pete had really done the business for her. I'd never seen her come like she did the first time with Pete, so it was probably a first for her. But this second one seemed to come from her very soul. She kept on wailing and thrashing about, totally out of it, and then Pete started to moan like a fog horn as he pumped her full of his come.

She loved it. I knew she was a big fan of baby gravy, because she had always been fascinated by it, and had loved to watch me come over her belly and her breasts. Now she laughed and chuckled, thrusting her hips up to catch as much as she could. She left none of us in any doubt that what she craved, she'd just got. And judging by the mess there was when he pulled out, I reckon Pete had been pretty pleased too!

The two of them lay in each others arms. Pete grinning from ear to ear, and Jasmine all glowing and stroking his hair. You didn't have to be a mind reader to see she was absolutely besotted with her new lover. Handsome he wasn't. Athletic neither. But he was hung like a horse and he could fuck her just the way she liked it.

None of this was lost on Connor. A glance at him told you he was well put out, and didn't like the situation one bit! He made a crude and obvious attempt at disrupting their bliss.

'Come on Jazz, let's go. Don't want your old boyfriend finding us here, do we. Besides we said we'd meet the others down the Mall....' Jasmine interrupted him. Her voice was distant, dreamy.
'You go....we're staying a bit longer. Got plenty of time.....got to rest a bit....' and with that she put her arms around Pete and snuggled up to him. Connor didn't know when he was beat.
'Come on Jazz! We're gonna be late....' she shocked us all with her outburst.
'Just fuck off, Connor!' she stormed at him. 'Lemme alone!' she glared at him, her eyes sparkling with anger. He got dressed, and with one last look at Jasmine's perfectly shaped, but sperm streaked backside, he left.

'You lied to me! You were never a virgin!' She accused Pete softly, but gently. His face fell and he tried to sit up. She just put her hands on his chest and pushed him down again.
'Honest, Jazz! I never done it before! You're my first.' He grinned at her. 'Watched a lot of my dad's porno films though, so I know what its about. Hell's teeth Jazz, you're so beautiful! Can I suck your tits please, Jazz? ' She leaned forward and held her right breast to his mouth. He suckled like a baby for a couple of minutes, then changed sides.

His cock was growing again, and Jasmine did something then that I'd never been able to get her to do for me. She slid back until she was kneeling astride his feet, and took hold of his stiffening cock. Then she bent forward and took him in her mouth, and gave him one of the best blow jobs a man could wish for. Lucky bastard! The best I'd got was a bit of a lick around my knob end and a hand job. But here she was with a guy she'd only seen naked for the first time half an hour ago, and she was sucking him like it was going out of fashion.

Linda Lovelace, eat your heart out.

Pete stared at her like he couldn't believe his eyes. His cock was rigid, and I swear his balls were swelling up as I looked at them! Oh to be a teenager again.
'Please Jazz, stop. I'm gonna come if you don't!' To my utter amazement, she nodded enthusiastically without taking him out of her mouth, and worked even harder at his dick. Sure enough he came and she wasn't ready for it. She coughed and spluttered, lifting her head from his cock. I could see his jism shoot out and hit her full in the face. Not just one shot. Not even three like most normal guys, but four copious, thick jets of semen flew from his cock, splashing on Jasmine's face, chest, and in her hair. Remember. This was his second orgasm, and he'd just shot one lot in her mouth.
'I'm sorry! I'm sorry! He cried out. 'I did say!' But Jasmine was not in the market for an apology. She was grinning from ear to ear, smoothing the white fluid over her face and body. She licked her lips and said,
'I've never done that before. I thought it would be horrible, but I couldn't help it when I saw you getting hard again. I just had to suck it. It was OK too. And all that was for me! Wow! So much of it.'
'Was it a lot then?' he asked. She smiled lovingly at him.
'Connor does three spurts. And Andy does too. Then they had to wait for ages
before they could do it again. You've done it twice in ten minutes, and each time more than either of them.'

It was then that he came up with the all conquering winner.

'I guess it's 'cos you're so beautiful, Jazz. Them women in the films and the magazines are not nearly so sexy as you. Anyway, I've always fancied you something rotten. I can't believe I'm here doing it with you! Its like a dream!'
Now any woman would fall over for a man like they'd been poll axed at something like that, and Jasmine was just a teenager. It hit her like loves first charm and she threw herself on him, kissing him long and hard. I barely heard the words she said, they were spoken so softly.
'Pete, you can be with me anytime you want! Can you do it again, are you ready yet?' She laid on her back, and our hero mounted her. I noticed his balls were not so round this time though! Swinging like a miniature rugby ball. His cock though, showed no sign of diminishing. He hooked her legs over his fore arms, pushing her feet back to her shoulders, then positioned himself above her for a second and
lowered himself slowly down. All three of us watched as his big knob end pushed aside her labia and his monster cock disappeared from view.

They fucked for an hour. You can't believe it? Well, you must have forgotten what it was to be a teenager. It was a real eye opener for me. Beautiful, brown, fourteen year old Jasmine being ploughed by the biggest cock imaginable, and screaming for more and more. Oh, and yes, Plump Pete shot another two loads into and over her before he ran dry. I guess its going to be a long time before she gives Pete the elbow, and Connor is obviously history.

That reminds me. I must go and clean the back of the wardrobe door

17 Ekim 2022, at 00:14

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